Phone Charging Habit Can Cause Real Danger! Here is How

Phone charging is very simple action that can be very dangerous. If you don’t charge your phone the right way, according to the New Hampshire Fire Department, something can go seriously wrong. Recently, this Department posted a warning regarding the possible dangers of charging the cell phone. There were pretty disturbing images.

Phone Charging

Their post says, “According to a research, 53% of teens and children charge their tablet or smartphone under their pillow or on their bed.That is completely wrong because it can be extremely dangerous. The generated heat actually cannot dissipate. Therefore,the charger will become hotter and hotter.”

The New Hampshire Fire Department created the post hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of charging the mobile device while in bed. They continue saying, “there is a big chance that the bed or the pillow will catch fire. This puts in big danger all children, teens  and everyone else at home.”

The Fire Department included photos of phone charging: burnt phone charger and burnt bedding.

cell phone fire

Their concerns are very real, especially in the present time of technology we live in. Over half of all children have admitted that they have left their laptop, phone or tablet charging on their bed. This is information from Electrical Safety First. They also found that over a quarter of all children surveyed used unbranded and cheap charger. They point out that “substandard or counterfeit charges are the most potentially dangerous items Electrical Safety First has tested.”

Other Fire Departments are also warning about the dangers of using a counterfeit charger and leaving the phone charging on bed. The Fire Department in Alabama shared cell phone safety tips for everyone. Those tips are:

  • Don’t use the device while you are charging it
  • Charge the device always on a hard surface.
  • Be sure to unplug chargers that aren’t being used.
  • Never charge a mobile device on a soft surface like bed or

Watch the following video for more information. It will show you how to charge your cell phone safely:



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