Perfect Combination and Balm for Our Organism and Body!

These are two Essential Ingredients: Hot Water and Sea Salt – perfect combination and Balm for Our Organism and Body!

All scientists agree that drinking water with salt is very good for our organism and it has positive effects on our body!

For a long time in India exist the practice to drink salty water every morning after getting up. But the water should be mixed only with pure sea salt!

This drink has nutrition value and it is full of minerals!

Here are several simple reasons why you should consume hot water mixed with only one teaspoon pure sea salt every morning:


Drink just one glass per day before breakfast and your body will be perfectly hydrated. You won’t need anything else for organism hydration.


If you have problems with food digestion, this beverage will solve all problems related to it. It is important to drink every morning and after 3-4 days you will feel the difference.


Sea salt contains a lot of minerals which release our body and our nervous system and help us fall asleep easier. If you suffer from insomnia, we recommend to drink hot water and sea salt one hour before going to bed.

Organism Detox:

A lot of unhealthy food or alcohol in your body due to birthday parties, holidays, vacation or simply because you had period when you can’t stop eating? The content in this drink has antibacterial influence and “throw away” all toxins that we have in our body.

For beautiful and shiny skin:

All previous aspects are related to the beauty of our skin. It will help you in any of the previous situations but in the same time you will notice big difference in your skin: It will simply shine! Try this simple homemade remedy and you won’t regret it!


Simple Ingredients that can make you feel and look beautiful!


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