Peppermint Prevents Insects, Mice and Spiders from Entering Your Home!

How to use peppermint in order to prevent insects entering our home?

Even if someone is not particularly afraid of spiders, mice or insects, we probably don’t want them all over the home.

They’re simply unsanitary. They can make things awkward when we are trying to relax with friends and one pops out of nowhere.

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They can eat our food, and can be a nuisance when we are really trying to relax. They’re a bit like teenagers, except that getting insects and mice out of the house isn’t as simple as we think.

Luckily, we don’t have to set a bunch of traps that will leave clean up for us every time we head into the basement.

The great pest-be-gone method we are suggesting today is actually very simple…

It smells awesome, and no spiders, insects and mice. They are awful.

Start by planting peppermint around your house – in your front and back yard for example. This will be a natural barrier to keep the little buggers away from the property.

You can do a variety of peppermint-flavored things inside your home. That will be a second line of defense.

One great tactic is to fill socks with dried peppermint and just place them around your home in the places where insects, mice and spiders tend to get in. The garage is a must.

You can also make peppermint tea, let it cool, and then place it in a spray bottle. Mist the tea around spaces such as carpets, closets, cabinets, doors and windows.

The key is that the smell of peppermint must be very strong.

Consider using peppermint essential oil if you’re having trouble getting enough peppermint to create an environment that reeks of the stuff. This is concentrated and much stronger source of peppermint. It will require very little actual liquid to get your home smelling minty fresh.

Just because you don’t want the entire natural world hanging out in your living room doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out there and enjoy it!

Check out this video from David Wolfe’s Facebook page to learn about the amazing benefits of spending time in nature.


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