Only 5 Plums per Day Can Do This Incredible Thing to Your Body!

Plums are sweet and juicy. Everything made of plums is simply delicious. But they are very healthy to consume every day. Only five plums per day can actually help you in a lot of situations. Include them in everyday consumption (for breakfast, like a snack etc.) and you won’t have problems with health.

There are actually 140 types of plums. They are rich in carbohydrates and low in fat and calories. Rich in vitamin A, C and E, fiber, calcium and magnesium.


Plums can Protect our hearth

One fresh plum contains in average 113 mg potassium – mineral that helps controlling high blood pressure.  Therefore, it lowers the risk of heart diseases. The red-violet pigment of these fruits can protects us from cancer because it eliminates the harmful free radicals in our organism.

fresh plums


Help in process of digestion

Dried plums are very helpful for our organism because they help the digestion process. You can keep them in fridge. Their preparation is very simple: Pour dried plums with hot water and then leave them like that to cool. Then freeze them.


Lowers the blood sugar

This fruit can help you regulate the sugar in your blood and lowers the risk for diabetes type 2. This is perfect substitution for something sweet. Do not hesitate to consume 5 plums as a snack whenever you feel the need to take and eat something sweet.


Helps our bones

Results of a study actually showed that people who eat plums had significant density of bines in the area of spine and forearms comparing to those who didn’t consume plums at all.


Improves our memory

Only 5 little amazing fruits per day can help neutralize the cells of negative free radicals. They actually have negative influence.


Helps our vision

They are especially good for our eyes. Plums contain phytonutrients which can help in the process of lowering the risk of diseases. Which type of diseases? Macular degeneration, for example. Eye disease which usually elderly people have.


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