Simple Onion Remedy To Treat Thyroid Gland Disorder

This simple onion remedy will help you in treating thyroid gland disorder. People use onion in many foodstuffs, especially in salads. This vegetable is an important ingredient in different home natural remedies due to its valuable and amazing medicinal properties. It is an effective and simple ingredient which can cure health condition and chronic diseases.

Red Onion Remedy

Onion has very small amounts of fats and proteins. It is a rich source of carbohydrates. This vegetable has ample amount of vitamins and minerals. Provides minerals like potassium, sulfur along with vitamins like B1, B2, C, P and K. It acts as insulin in the human body.

It consists of phosphoric acid which works wonder when it comes to the bloodstream. People also use it to cleanse the skin, for acne treatment and kill bacteria which lead to infection.

Here is a very simple home remedy to treat thyroid gland disorder only by using onion

What you need

  • Red onion- 1

Onion Remedy Process

  1. Take 1 bigger red onion and cut it into half. Then allow the juice to come out.
  2. Take the half piece of onion and gently rub it on the neck area.
  3. Rub in circular motion and provide a soft massage to the neck region. Don’t forget to do the same massage to thyroid gland as well.
  4. Now, do not wash it! Keep it as it is overnight. Maybe the smell will be unpleasant but do not worry. You will notice the effect. Get sounds sleep and let the onion juice “do its work” and stimulate your thyroid gland. It will improve its functioning naturally.

This simple ingredient makes wonders! It’s magical, cheap to use and what is most important it’s really effective. Very often, all remedies are around us and available to us all the time. We have to make small effort to discover them and give them a chance.

Try another remedy with ONION.

Here are Few Reasons Why We Should Sleep With Onion on Our Feet


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