Once you reheat these 5 ingredients, they become like poison!

Do not mess with this! When reheated, these five ingredients can be harmful for our organism!

Rapid life that we have nowadays doesn’t leave us a lot of time for preparing fresh food at home. Unfortunately very often we find instant solutions like reheating the food that we already prepared the previous day or few days ago.

But it is very important to know that not all ingredients are good for reheating first because of bacteria that can’t be “ruined” by reheating. Second, because of proteins which molecules are shattered during the process of reheating.

We can reheat few meals like beans or soups but you should never reheat the following five:

Chicken meat

chicken meat

Chicken meat or other poultry as well as eggs can easily be infected by salmonella. That can be bigger problem if we put it in microwave. The waves don’t penetrate into all parts of food like on stove.

We do not recommend to reheat the chicken because unlikely red meat, it contains bigger density of proteins. Their molecules are shattered on different way which can cause problems in the stomach or other digestive problems.


Rice – The ingredient which we should not reheat at all!


The most important thing when you cook rice is how to store it after the preparation. If you keep it in room temperature, all bacteria can easily multiply. They can cause poison which will cause vomiting and diarrhea. If we reheat the rice, we won’t eliminate all poisons; we will make even worse. So what you eat for lunch and dinner, eat in the moment and then the best thing is to throw in the trash!



Similar like the rice, the problem with potatoes is not in the process of reheating but in the way of storage after our meal. If you don’t keep it in the fridge but on room temperature, you make perfect conditions for bacteria multiplying. Especially if you keep it or cover with foil and there is no oxygen (and we often do that!).  If we reheat potatoes we will not get rid of the bacteria. We can cause botulism which is serious infection. In worse case this infection can paralyze brain cells and can leave very hard consequences.

Spinach and leafy vegetables

Spinach and all leafy vegetables, depending on the way they grow; contain a lot of nitrates which are not harmful for our organism. But when we reheat them, they become nitrites and then nitrosamines which are actually cancerous. They can influence in the ability of blood flow to transmit oxygen to the organs. When we talk about kids, it can cause syndrome called blue baby. That syndrome can cause problems into respiratory system.


Mushrooms contain proteins which enzymes and microorganisms can easily shatter. If you have these ingredients over lefts, do not leave them longer than 20 hours in fridge. If you want to reheat them, use temperature of at least 70 degrees C. But the best way to consume mushrooms (like everything else) is immediately when they are prepared to eat.

These advises will help you eat healthy and feel healthy as well.


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