FDA Considers These Nuts as Illegal Drugs! Read Their Explanation!

Nuts and especially walnuts are great to consume. But according to FDA they are drugs and they actually need to pass specialized screening process before they give an approval for consumers. A group of walnut farmers from California in 1912 made a company named Diamond Foods. The FDA has a problem with these farmers over their promotion of walnuts being healthy products. The Federal Agency haven’t approved them as healthy and we all wonder why is like that? Especially when we all know that walnuts have very positive effects on the health of our blood, brain, kidneys, liver and more.


To give more emphasize, Diamond Foods explained well to the public that nuts and walnuts are the first source of omega-3 fatty acids. And that’s true. The company talked about omega-3 fatty acids which are responsible for a lot of health benefits. Those benefits are some forms of cancer and lowered risk for heart disease. A lot of evidences from many studies actually proof that. Nevertheless, Diamond Foods received a very personal letter from FDA. They aggressively say that: “Your products are drugs. They may not have legal marketing in the USA without an approved new drug application. ” Our country certainly doesn’t need healthy food being labeled as a ‘drug,’ as it would be a slap to the faces of millions of consumers

With veggies and fruits, you aren’t increasing your likelihood for heart attacks, chronic diseases, ulcers and cancer. A lot of FDA-approved prescription pills can’t say that. Even though the company Diamond Foods can and has evidence that supports the health benefits of consuming walnuts, the FDA told them that their products were in fact “misbranded.”

The FDA didn’t want the company to actively promote health claims that the federal agency didn’t approve of regardless of what support they have.

Why the Nuts Are a Big Concern?

The FDA responded to Diamond Foods with a possible “seizure” if there was no compliance by the company. Below, the letter to Diamond Foods reads: “We have made a decision that you promote your walnut products for conditions that cause them to be drugs because the intention of these products is to use them in the mitigation, prevention, and treatment of disease. You offer them in conditions that do not comply with treatment and self-diagnosis by individuals who are not medical practitioners. Consequently, they cannot write appropriate directions for use so that a layperson can use safely these drugs for their intended purposes.”

Imagine being at the store and picking up walnuts and reading directions for its use. Does that seem rational? Of course, it doesn’t. Yet it is okay for alcohol and opioids to be on our streets. It seems the FDA wants to increase pressure and place demands on organic farmers. They simply want to do this to ensure the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry gain as much profit as they can.


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