What You Should Not Put in Refrigerator?Here is a List of Foods!

Here Are 8 Foods You Should Not Put in Refrigerator. Many foods need cold storage and should be kept in fridge, but the chilly air of the fridge on some of your healthy favorites can actually have a negative effect. Keep these foods at their best by keeping them out of the fridge.


W should keep Melons like watermelons, on the counter when they are whole. Researchers found that if you keep on room temperature that might even help in keeping antioxidants more intact. Once you cut this fruit, put it in fridge and keep for maximum 3 days.


Keep potatoes always on dark place and not in the fridge. If you keep them in fridge potatoes will become unpleasantly sweet and gritty.


Honey like potatoes should be kept on dark place on room temperature. On cold weather it can crystalize so the same will happen if you put it in the fridge. So room temperature is ideal for this healthy and pure natural remedy.

What You Should Not Put in Refrigerator Here is a List of Foods



Always store tomatoes on a counter. If you put them in fridge they will become mealy and dull. But if you keep them on room temperature for longer period of time, they will get too ripe so you can make tomato sauce.

Onions and Garlic – Foods Out of the Fridge

Onions are happy if they are not on cold. The humidity and the cold make them mushy and moldy. Once you cut onion, put it in a foil or resalable bag and store them on your vegetable drawer. The same with the garlic. Its powerful taste and flavor is stronger when you keep it out of the fridge.


This creamy and extremely healthy fruit is best if we keep it out of fridge. Once you cut it into slices and you can’t eat or use it entire, you can place it in fridge and keep it for few days.


All berries that you will buy from bazaar taste amazing and you should keep them outside or on room temperature. Of course you can freeze them for long-term storage. Nice fresh berry smoothie is always great choice!


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