Why Kind and Nice People Are Often Depressed? Here are 3 Reasons!

Kind and nice people in life are people that you often see as helpful, genuine and happy. Being kind is an amazing characteristic or virtue. But often it  has a dark side as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see it. Sometimes showing kindness to others can cause a person to neglect themselves. They put aside their need or desires and their own happiness in order to put others on first place.

These three reasons make nice people often depressed:

  1. Nice People Please Others

Nice People Please Others

The main goal of gentle and kind people is to please others. They want to be helpful and that can end up making them a doormat for people who are in fact interested in taking advantage of them. When other people realize that the others are on the first place and you’d rather make them happy than make yourself happy, they may actually suppose that you have little to give or offer to the world. They might start letting go your ideas and opinions. All that leads to your own low self-esteem and self-doubt.

It’s very important to learn that you can still be nice and kind to others while voicing your opinions. Share your ideas, stick to your values and always demand respect from others. The most important thing is to respect yourself.

Don’t allow anyone else to think that they can disregard your feelings.


  1. Nice People Allow Others To Define Their Sense Of Self

Nice People Allow Others To Define Their Sense Of Self

Kind people can get stuck in the awful habit of living the life of someone else. They go to school only to please their parents, they pack up and move to please their partner, they go out on a night just to please their friends etc. They end up living a life they don’t actually enjoy. Every move they make is someone else’s desire or dream, not theirs. This can cause resentment and depression.

Caring for yourself doesn’t mean that you are selfish. Being kind and nice person doesn’t mean you have to do what everyone else wants. It’s very important to go after your goals and dreams, creating a life that makes you happy. Your family and friends have their own lives to live as well.

  1. Nice People Are Always Generous and Kind, Even When It’s For The Wrong Reasons

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You know that one can be kind for the wrong reasons. Being kind because you want to be liked or to get someone else’s approval in the end will only make you feel unhappy. Kindness feels good when it’s genuine and it comes from the heart. If you’re seeking something in return for your kindness, it will leave you disappointed and empty.

If you are doing actions only because you want others to like you or you want to gain approval from someone else, take a step back and ask yourself why. You are the only one who can make yourself happy. You and only you determine your self-worth.

Make sure that the basis of your kindness isn’t on searching something in return.


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