Never Use Your Phone In The Bathroom! Here is Why is so Harmful!

Do you often or always take your cell phone when you go in bathroom?

Our phones are our best friends. We exaggerate a lot and we take them everywhere! We are afraid to miss a call or any not so important update. Therefore, we take the phone even when we go to the bathroom. We think that it is the best time to send short text or catch up on Facebook.

If you do like this, it is time to stop! It may seem harmless fro you whipping out the phone in the bathroom. Actually, it can be dangerous! A hygiene expert, Dr. Lisa Ackerly, sais that taking your phone with you in the bathroom puts you at risk of catching different germs like E. coli, salmonella and C Diff.

If you wipe your buttock and then instantly pick up your cell phone before washing hands, then don’t bother at all washing your hands. This is because all those invisible bad germs will now live on your phone. And they can live there for days!

dirty toilet in bathroom

Bacteria simply love warm surfaces.

Your phone gets pretty toasty! This is how actually germs stay happy and alive on your device for days. Can you imagine now holding your phone full of bacteria and then wiping your eyes or putting your fingers in your mouth? Gross!

And the same “rule” is for the toothbrush. The same expert warns never to place the toothbrush near a toilet or nearly shelf. Who knows what kind of germs could attach to it and finish up in your mouth?

Therefore, do not make the simple mistake! Don’t ever put your phone on a toilet paper roll or holder. Both are breeding grounds for bacteria. Also, sticky hands from sugary foods are excellent way to attract bacteria, so make sure after eating sweets that stick you always wash nicely your hands with soap.

Also, the important thing is to put the lid down before you flush the toilet. Bacteria and germs can easily spread through the air! In fact, they can travel about six feet from where they’re flushed. That is another reason why the toothbrush should be covered and far away!

What kind of bacteria you can get in Bathroom?

Salmonella is actually a type of food poisoning. If we eat contaminated foods we can easily get this bacteria. When you keep a bacteria-infested phone, you’re going to get all that bacteria on your food and eventually become very sick!

When we are coming into contact with feces or stool from animals or humans we can get E. coli. While most strands are harmless, some can cause severe kidney failure or anemia and even lead to death.

One of the most common germs that we can find in a toilet is C. Difficile. This bacteria can cause symptoms starting from diarrhea and ending to deadly colon inflammation. In 2011, According to the CDC, were reported nearly 500,000 cases of C. difficile infections, with almost 29,000 patients facing death after the first month of diagnosis.

So, the next time you feel the urge to use the bathroom, put your cell phone in your pocket or purse or simply  leaveit  in the other room. Everything can wait for a few minutes.

It’s better than catching bacteria, right?

If you want to learn more, check the following video:


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