What Are The Negative Effects Once You Put Nail Polish?

Nail polish has negative effect on our bodies. Even the most health-conscious people doesn’t know this. But a recent study found that a lot of popular nail polish brands in America are much more harmful than they actually seem.

What the Research Shows

Researchers, in their study, in 24 women participating, recently tested for signs of chemical toxins. In the bodies of every woman they found toxins evidence. Nail polish was the source of these chemicals.

The results showed that only 10 hours after applying nail polish, 100% of the participants showed signs of the chemical triphenyl phosphate. This type of conclusive result is incredible, and it’s also very alarming.

In a follow up study, the same researchers tested 10 different nail polishes for chemical. They discovered triphenyl phosphate in 8. Two of those tested polishes did not list it on their product label. This could actually mean that in USA up to 20% of nail polishes contain a dangerous chemical that isn’t listed as an ingredient.

Nail Polish


What is Triphenyl Phosphate?

One of the biggest concerns about TPHP or triphenyl phosphate  is that it can disrupt our endocrine system. This system is very important because it controls all our hormones. Dr. Heather Stapleton, Head researcher,  voiced her concerns, “There is growing evidence suggesting that TPHP may affect metabolism, hormone regulation, reproduction and development”.

This is especially harmful for those young girls who use nail polish on regular basis because healthy hormonal development is an essential part of their growth. Nevertheless, TPHP poses a serious health risk to anyone who is exposed to it.

What Are The Negative Effects Once You Put Nail Polish

It’s also known for being:

  • Neurotoxin (developmental effects)
  • Reproductive Toxin
  • Endocrine Toxin
  • Allergen and Skin irritant

Other Health Threats

-Formaldehyde is carcinogen that can dissolve in air and water. It is the strong nail polish smell that we all know very well. Exposure to this chemical can also produce symptoms like asthma, scratchy throat and difficulty breathing. Those with chronic diseases are particularly susceptible to poisoning from formaldehyde.


-Toluene is chemical that can impede development in children. Some scientists found traces of it in breast milk! Additionally, it can be irritating to the skin upon exposure.

-Dibutyl Phthalate. Some nail polish brands swap this phthalate for TPHP, but it’s no better for your health. In fact, it poses similar health risks such as reproductive system toxins and hormonal disruption.

Alternatives for Natural Nail Polish

There are few conscious companies who decided to respond to the needs of clients and discoveries of dangerous ingredients in nail polish. There are a handful of natural and incredible alternatives that don’t contain the same risks of cancer, allergies and hormone disruption.

Here are some of our favorite options that offer a great selection at great prices!

  1. In a wide variety of colors, Honeybee Gardens carries a line of natural nail polish. Their basis is actually on water and contain absolutely no traces of carcinogens or dangerous chemicals. You can remove them effortlessly with standard rubbing alcohol.
  2. Acquarella has a variety of over 50+ nail polish colors. These are all water-based, and don’t contain any toluene, formaldehyde, mercury, dibutyl phthalate or wheat products.
  3. SpaRitual is a toxin-free brand of nail polish that is also totally vegan!
  4. Peacekeeper Cause-Metics also has a few bright nail polishes that are toxin-free and infused with argan oil. This one’s a great way to make a classic color keep your nails moisturized.


You don’t have to change your style if you like nail polish. By using these natural alternatives you’ll keep better health for yourself and for your growing children as well.


Source: RealFarmacy

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