White and Strong Teeth wit Natural Teeth Whitening Recipe

Teeth Whitening and making teeth stronger, never been easier!

We all know the fact that Tibetan monks are particularly healthy and youthful even when they grow older. This goes for their teeth as well, even though they don’t have access to proper dental care and hygiene in the high mountain areas. So what’s the secret?

They simply practice a very ancient method for natural teeth whitening which requires only TWO ingredients.

Their method and recipe for natural teeth whitening is extremely easy and simple. We will share their secret for having strong and white teeth until old age. They prepare a natural toothpaste with only two ingredients and its  really easy to use.



All we need is Pink Himalayan salt, half a glass of water and a toothbrush. First, we should boil the water and then leave it to cool. Then we will put half a tbsp. of the pink Himalayan salt in it. Next step is to stir it until the salt has dissolved and just remove the foam in the surface from all the stirring.


How To Use This Natural Teeth Whitening Mixture?

Take your toothbrush and apply a little bit of the mixture on it. Brush your teeth like you usually do. After you’ve finished brushing, rinse nicely your teeth with the remaining water.

Brush your teeth with this natural toothpaste every morning, every evening and after every meal if you want amazing results. At first, you may feel some slight discomfort because the salted water may make your teeth more sensitive to sour-sweet or hot-cold variations. But don’t worry! That effect is only temporary.


The best thing about this natural toothpaste is that it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It destroys all the bacteria in our mouth. Just after a few applications you’ll notice difference and your tooth enamel will get stronger.This paste will also make your teeth pearly white and your gums strong and pink.

It will give you the Hollywood smile in no time!


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