Natural Juice kills Cancer cells in 42 days!Simply Amazing!

Cancer cells die in 42 days with this amazing natural juice. This juice cured actually more than 45.000 people from different disease (among which cancer!)

This “discovery” belongs to the Austrian man called Rudolf Brojs who actually devoted his life fighting against cancer cells and how to cure different diseases.

He actually made an extraordinary eating of 42 days in which he introduces tea and beetroot based juice. He is persuaded that during this period this healthy drink slaughters tumor cells (cancer cells) and helps in the process of “getting better” immunity system.

How is made this magical juice?

  • 55% beetroot
  • 20% carrots
  • 20% celery root
  • 3% potatoes
  • 2% radishes

Every ingredient must be organic and fresh (natural!)

Natural Juice kills Cancer cells worldhealthchoice

Preparation of Cancer cells “killer” juice:

Put all ingredients in blender and blend until you get smooth drink (or nice smoothie). Simple as it is!

Beetroot is the essential ingredient of this healthy drink and people know it as cure for leukemia in short period of time. Doctors prescribe drinking crude beetroot squeezes every day for better blood test and much better healthy conditions.

Also fibers of this amazing vegetable can help in regulation of high blood pressure and blood cholesterol level. It has a big role in managing your pulse and great cure for varicose veins because saves the flexibility of veins. Beetroot contains a lot of minerals. Iron is one of them which help in the process of cleaning the blood from poison aggregation.

The advice for a lot of pregnant women is actually to drink beetroot juice because of the folic substance which averts birth deformities.  The cure for menstrual issues is in fact this vegetable combined with radishes. Beetroot in combination with carrot are excellent cure against kidney and gout issues.


All these ingredients are very healthy for our general health. To keep the overall health in optimal condition, it is enough to drink one glass of this amazing drink.

Enjoy in its benefits and in its taste!


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