This Cheap Natural Cream Cures Toddler’s Painful Eczema!

A lot of children have problems with painful eczema. One of them is the 23-year-old mother, Paige Sweeney. She spent more then two years visiting doctors, seeing dermatologists and looking for a cure for her daughter. Shed had  painful eczema with waking up every night and scratching herself until bleeding. Unfortunately dermatologists couldn’t help with all those prescription of steroid creams and antibiotics.

Painful Eczema

This woman found a $5.00 cream at her local supermarket. She didn’t have much of a choice so she decided to give it a try. Only after several days of using Childs Farm Baby Moisturizer on her daughter, her skin began to clear.

“Miracle Cream” Cures Toddler’s Painful Eczema

When for first this mom tried the natural cream, three months after her three-year-old is very happy, eczema-free and healthy. She is no longer spending hours seeing dermatologists and suffering from the condition of eczema. This cream made her skin shiny and healthy.

Painful Eczema baby

Paige explained that all those prescriptions for steroid cream and antibiotic couldn’t cure her daughter’s symptoms. “I’ve tried literally everything and I couldn’t help Evie-Rae. Since she was born she has had this problem. She was diagnosed with a milk allergy when she was five weeks old.”

Evie-Rae experienced painful skin problems around her hands, her mouth and in the creases behind her knees.

She couldn’t sleep through the night until she was two years old. She was scratching and bleeding all the time. Every eight weeks for two and a half years, we saw a doctor, dermatologist but nothing seemed to work. It was devastating to see her crying and in so much pain.”

Eczema baby

The bottle of Childs Farm Baby Moisturizer is now approved by dermatologist.  It contains active ingredients like shea butter, grapefruit and tea tree oil. Paige said, “I saw the moisturizing cream on the shelf and simply decided to give it a try. Evie-Rae has a soya, nut and egg allergy. Therefore we have to be careful with what we give her. I saw that all the ingredients in this cream were all natural.”

Eczema children

Paige was amazed and so happy with the transformation in her daughter’s skin. Each day she continues to apply the cream. Her three-year-old is finally eczema-free.


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