Mysterious Bugs Attacked Teen When Swimming At Local Beach

Everyone loves to go on beach and swim or simply soak his feet in the water. But unfortunately, some mysterious bugs can ruin this simple pleasure. Mysterious creatures “attacked” 16 year-old Sam Kanizay from Melbourne, Australia. He went for a dip in the bay, at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton.

Mysterious Bugs

The teenager, after playing football, was soaking his sore legs in the ocean.

Mysterious Bugs legs

Few minutes later his legs and feet were actually pouring with blood:

Medical experts and doctors couldn’t explain the strange injuries. They were baffled and didn’t know what to do.

Michael Brown, marine expert, told Channel Seven’s Sunrise program, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Sincerely, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Mysterious Bugs beach

Jarrod Kanizay, Sam’s father, decided to investigate and discover what the problem was because no one knew the reson for the teenager’s mysterious injuries. No one knew how he ended up a all bloodied.

The next evening, with a piece of meat and fishing net this man went back to the beach. He caught hundreds of tiny little creature that he actually suspected were responsible.

Mr Kanizay said:

“Over in the bay I caught some mysterious bugs overnight.

I’ve took fishing net and meat and they’ve immediately grabbed on to that.

“I have brought them home and they’ve simply attached themselves to this piece of meat. They’ve just sucked all the blood out of it.

“They are part of mite type creatures. Who would believe that these small bugs have grabbed him and “put” him in blood.

“These little mysterious bugs really love meat. That’s 100% clear”


Sam’s injury “fascinated” the Sandringham Hospital and is set for a speedy recovery, “Sam is a strong and stoic kid, so he will be just fine”, said Mr Kanizay.



Source: DavidWolfe

Video Source: Ten News Melbourne

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