You Must Avoid These 10 Foods Coming from China!They are Full of Chemicals

We all know the fact that much of the food found in America comes from China. Why would we need to buy food coming far from China when we have so much local food and farmland in America? It is all connected to the price. We buy food from China because is cheaper. But everything comes at a cost.

Here is a short but useful list of 10 foods from China we should all immediately avoid!

1. Tilapia Fish

Tilapia Fish

Tilapia may be the favorite fish for Americans but 80% of tilapia comes from this part of the world. These fishes are bottom feeders and they can eat almost anything. With water pollution eating everything raised in that water is actually unsafe. Plus, who knows what the fish are being fed.

2. Cod Fish

You Must Avoid These 10 Foods Coming from China Cod Fish

Another fish that Americans adore! 50% of this fish comes from China. Here we will mention again the feeding issue and water pollution. For these types of exports, there are few restrictions in China.

3. Apple Juice

 Apple Juice

Around 50% of all apple juices in the US come from China. But there are a lot of harmful pesticides on the food in China. Even those which are banned by their own government. the best method Is to make apple juice at home from local organic apples.

4. Processed Mushrooms

 Processed Mushrooms

A good percent (34%) of all processed mushrooms come from this country. Here the problem is similar as apples. We don’t know where and how the mushrooms are grown in. Therefore, we don’t know exactly how healthy they are. Always buy local mushrooms or from trusted farms.

5. Chinese Garlic

Chinese Garlic

The percent of garlic coming from China and sold in America is 31%. Like with other grown foods, the pesticides in the process (mainly methyl bromide) are simply not safe and people should avoid them.

6. Chicken


In 2013, the US Department of Agriculture approved the sale of chicken from China in the United States. Here, the feeding and pollution issues come first. In China there is often avian flu or other foodborne illnesses.

7. Plastic Rice

Plastic Rice

There is an information that China is now producing and exporting rice that isn’t actually rice. When you try to cook it, it stays hard. The rice may actually be made of resin or potato. Plastic rice is on the market and that’s for sure. GMO grain companies earn a lot of money.

8. Black Pepper Mud

Black Pepper Mud

There was a vendor in this country who was actually caught selling mud as black pepper. Although this maybe is local issue, we must always verify quality.

9. Industrial Salt

Industrial Salt

Recently on the tables of China you can find salt made and produced for industrial purposes. Therefore, any salt coming from this country in America may contain industrial salt as well. Consuming this salt may contribute to high hypertension, blood pressure, and the risk of stroke and heart attack.

10. Green Peas

Green Peas

Fake vegetables like green peas, like fake rice, exists in China. People make these fake peas with soy beans, snow peas, with green dye and sodium metabisulfite. It is a chemical that people use as bleach and as preservative. There is a ban on this dye because it may cause cancer. It can also inhibit the body’s natural ability to “digest” or absorb calcium. These green peas, when boiled, don’t soften and the water turns into an unnatural green color.
So the message is very simple: Eat organic and local. Support local business and healthy farming practices.
Watch the following video if you want to learn more about fake food in China.

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