Natural Mouthwash for Perfect Hygiene- Clean Teeth & Gums!

When people are buying mouthwash, they generally don’t think twice about it. Only few people have though that it can be harmful for their bodies. Why? Because of the toxic ingredients that it contains.  However on the market there are a lot of chemical mouthwash which can lead to oral cancer.

Although the toxic content of the chemical mouthwash has been familiar, the public still didn’t know how serious that is. Due to the will to save money many companies use toxic,unhealthy and cheap ingredients in the mouthwash. They sell it to costumers who don’t pay attention to it.

Did you know that there are companies that add formaldehyde in the mouthwash?

Many mouthwashes have lots of harmful ingredients.

Many famous brands of mouthwashes contain a lot of alcohol. The Dental Journal of Australia has revealed that chemical mouthwash that contain alcohol can be the reason for the development of tongue, throat and mouth cancer!

Many brands of mouthwash also contain fluoride. Fluoride is good for fighting cavities but it is very bad for our body. This fact lead to the concern of the fluoride’s amount present in the tap water of the municipality.Big quantity or surplus of fluoride can cause some neurological issues. Also it is carcinogen.

The worst ingredient of all is formaldehyde.  We can usually find Formaldehyde in household cleaners and glue. It certainly is not meant to be ingested. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency declared formaldehyde to be a “probable human carcinogen” and research has shown that long-term exposure to formaldehyde is associated with different types of cancer, including leukemia.

Natural Mouthwash for Perfect Hygiene


A lot of experts recommend the home preparation of mouthwash. The process of making is very simple. You will be certain what you actually use.

Homemade MouthwashCancer-Free Recipe

For making this liquid at home it is necessary to have a container. Many people like to use mason jars, but you can use any type of glass bottle or jar.


  • One tsp. of xylitol crystals
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • Wild orange essential oil (couple of drops)
  • Two tsp. of calcium carbonate powder
  • Ten drops of trace mineral liquid
  • Two cups of filtered water
  • Ten drops of peppermint essential oil

To mix it effectively, first you should will boil the water and then add the herbs to it. Let it sit for 20 minutes. Strain and bottle it.

Other popular ingredients are golden seal, spearmint and raw honey.

Because of the fact that the powder will be settled at the bottom of the  glass jar, you should shake it before each use. Put a couple of teaspoons of the homemade mouthwash in the mouth. Start gargling but don’t swallow.

You will save a lot of money by making this homemade mouthwash than to buy store-bought mouthwashes. Best of all, it doesn’t have any alcohol or toxic chemicals in it.


Summary: A lot of mouthwash brands on the market include toxic and unhealthy chemicals related to cancer development. Lots of people make this homemade mouthwash at their homes to save money and the most important: to stay healthy.


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