Monsanto Owns All These Brands! Avoid Their Consumption!

Monsanto owns a lot of companies and brands. It is on the list of “worst” top 10 companies. It keeps the third place for most hated company in the world. They are the only agricultural/food company which is comprised mainly of oil companies like BP and shady financial institutions.

Of course, the entire world really hates Monsanto. It’s not so hard to see why.

The very first creation of Monsanto was cancer-causing and artificial sweetener that they sold to Coca-Cola. That was just the start. Later, they created PCBs. Their modern chemicals are threatening the bee population. They regularly poison civilians .

Of course, Monsanto is very conscious about their negative public influence and image. That’s why you’ll never find their company’s logo on the products. Even their trademark ‘Roundup’ weed killer is devoid of visible public branding.


Luckily, you can now have the ultimate list of all food companies that Monsanto owns.

monsanto companies

Some of these famous brands may produce food that does not contain GMOs. However, sites like True Activist are recommending a boycott of all  the company’s products. This is to make a point – that we’re fed up with Monsanto’s corruption.


Besides, considering Monsanto’s lack of regard for human health, I don’t think it would hurt to stay away.

These are the brands that Monsanto Owns:

#1 – Giving Unsuspecting People Cancer

Giving Unsuspecting People Cancer

Christine Sheppard , coffee farmer, in the late 90s started using Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ pesticide. She thought it was safe. Then, in 2003, doctors diagnosed her with lymphoma. Researchers subsequently found that – oops; the weed killer tons of farmers had been breathing in for several years? Not as safe as the company had insisted.

Christine later sued them and won. She’s just one drop in  the farmers’ ocean who have filed lawsuits against the agricultural giant.

Researchers in one Argentinian study, found that farming villages who regularly used Roundup have cancer rates as high as 4 times the national average.

#2 – Causing Global Birth Defects

You know that whole microcephaly scares? The one most media outlets are attributing to Zika? Some researchers and experts have linked it to Monsanto’s chemicals.

But even if we give them the benefit of the doubt on that one, the truth of the matter is that their products cause an abysmal amount of birth defects worldwide. According to an Argentinean study, soy that is genetically modified could be blame for brain, heart and intestinal defects in fetuses.

“The companies say that drinking a glass of glyphosate [the active ingredient in Roundup] is healthier than drinking a glass of milk. But the fact is that they’ve used us as guinea pigs,” says Andres Carrasco, the author of the study.

Of course, these are only 2 examples of health risks that pose Monsanto’s chemicals. But these two should give you enough reason to stay far away from anything to do with this giant company.

Do you buy food regularly from any of the companies listed?

Please share your opinions and thoughts in the comments.


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