Migraine Stops Immediately with only ONE Ingredient!

If you have a migraine constantly or from time to time, try to cure it with this ingredient. The pain can be big and exhausting and you would do (of course!) anything to make it stop. Traditional medicine offers a lot of pain relief but  you won’t believe how easy (and cheap!) this one simple  natural ingredient can take away and stop your pain.

A lot of migraine sufferers experience one or more attacks per month, and less people claim one or more migraine attacks per week. People suffering from this pain know that it is not like an “everyday” usual headache. The severity and  duration of the pain are actually what sets a migraine apart from a regular headache.

Two things are causing you pain when a migraine happens.

First, blood vessels are dilated. They actually open up and more blood (than usual) starts flowing to our brain. The pressure on the blood vessels of the increased blood flow is one cause of the pain that you feel.

According to the Migraine Relief Center, the second cause of pain is that “cranial vessels leak, causing swelling in the area.” When you have a migraine there is no doubt that you feel pressure in your brain!

They can last 4 – 72 hours. During that painful time, some people feel nausea that can even cause vomiting. Often, people experiencing a migraine need to lie down and get rest to recover until the pain “disappear”.


Red wine, dehydration, stress, soy products, sustained loud noise or even weather pressure changes can cause migraine.

Due to hormonal changes women have a higher incidence of this pain. They sometimes can experience a migraine in their menstruation cycle. Other hormonal changes like menopause or  pregnancy can bring frequent migraine.


migraine frankincense

Is there one miracle that can cure it?

YES!  A drop of high quality essential  frankincense oil placed on the pad of your thumb, pressed into the roof of the mouth is actually simple natural remedy that can instantly stop migraines.

Ancient Egyptians used this frankincense oil as a natural remedy against it. Some people dislike the taste of the oil so they use it in specific massage points on their head.

Put the oil on your fingertips and gently rub your temples back of the neck and scalp.

It is powerful anti-inflammatory remedy that reduces the swelling of the blood vessels and reduces the pain. Frankincense oil reduces the frequency and intensity of headaches in patients who experienced debilitating cluster migraines.

If  the frankincense oil does not work for you, try to apply something cold such as  wrapped ice pack to the back of the neck. You can also take a shower with cold water especially over your head. That should help reduce the size of your blood vessels.


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