How to Measure Food Portion by Using Your Hand?

The size of food portion is very important for everyone especially for those who are following good diet.

Most people already have the habit to split up their food into portions. But there are still people who have difficulty doing this.

And although nutritionists recommend eating small amounts several times a day, many people continue making bad choices in their diet.

Luckily, now it is no longer necessary to spend money in scales or some rigorous methods to calculate how daily food portion should be.

The only thing that will show you how big the food portions should be will be your hands.

That’s right! A lot of people doesn’t know it yet, but our hands allow us to perfectly calculate how much to eat.

Food Portion


How to measure food portion by using your hand?

Your hands can tell you certain information about yourself.  For example, they may reveal aspects of your personality and some signs of health.

However, measuring the amount of food in each food group simply with your hands is not very well known aspect.


The “hand diet” – ideal measurement for food portions 

This diet became very popular because it respects nutritional balance and isn’t a popular “miracle” diet.

Being overweight is actually due to the excess or big portions necessary for each body. We can measure those portions according to the size of our hand.

The diet “says” that all meat portions shouldn’t be larger than our palm. Carbohydrates should not exceed the diameter of the closed fist.

The method has caught the attention of nutritionists and experts in the subject, who consider it an interesting way to help understand that nutrition is an individual matter.


The size of a closed fist is important for food portion

We should use the size of a closed fist to measure portions for food that is rich or high in carbohydrates.

Some examples:

The size of a hand

We can use the palm of our hand to measure the exact amount of fruit that we should consume through the day.

Likewise, the space occupied by the palm of the hand starting from the wrist and ending at the beginning of the fingers, can be used to measure for foods rich in proteins such as beans or lentils.


Two hands together

The size of two hands together in the shape of a bowl is suitable for measuring the portion of vegetables we need to eat through day time.

The size of the index and middle fingers together

You can choose the correct portion of cheese by measuring the size of the index and middle fingers together.


Size of the first phalanges of the thumb

Measure Food Portion by Using Your Hand

This amount is recommended for both fats and sugars.

It’s very important to have in mind that this is a food group that we should consume in moderation throughout the day.

Other recommendations to avoid overeating

Although using our hands is useful for food portions, we should also respect other recommendations as well.


Therefore, in addition to the above, for food portions it is also good to:

  • Avoid consumption of packaged and processed foods.
  • Read the recommended portions on the labels of the food products and take them into account when eating said product.
  • Moderate your consumption of sweet things, since they tend to be addictive.
  • When you eat your meal, choose small plates and divide rations for 4-5 meals per day.
  • Avoid eating with distractions such as the television, your computer or mobile, among other things.
  • Put aside about 20 minutes for each meal, and eat it in a quiet place, away from noises.
  • Add more vegetables in each main meal, so that half of the dish is composed of these.
  • Moderately exercise.
  • Increase your consumption of water and low-calorie beverages.

As you’ve just noticed, there are many things you can take into account to control the size of your food portions during the day.

Although it may not be easy to put them into practice at first, as the days go by your body will become accustomed to these changes.

Are you going to try them?


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