What Do You Think About Marijuana Cigarettes? On Sale This Year-2017

What Do You Think About Marijuana Cigarettes? One of the world’s most popular cigarette brands is Newport Cigarettes. Their announcement is that they will start and join the marijuana legalization trend. In near future they will start a production of marijuana cigarettes. Marijuana cigarettes will “carry” the brand ‘Newport Nirvana’ . They will be available for sale through so called marijuana-licensed outlets in the state of Washington and Colorado.

Marijuana Cigarettes

Why Marijuana Cigarettes?

The Chief Marketing Executive if the company, Lawrence Harrison, in an interview mentioned that the company is very happy and joyful on the idea of marketing cannabis. They have been monitoring the market for some period of time. It was only when the recent legalization initiatives — winning in Washington and Colorado — that the company made the final decision to actually take part in the cannabis market. This man also added that they have bought land of thousands of acres to grow natural hemp. The big tobacco company has been also positioning a distribution process across territories of South and North American. The purpose is to streamline the supply lines.

Since there is currently a ban only on tobacco products in promotions and advertisements in the United States, the company also have set aside, believe it or not, budget of $7 billion for advertising the new “Newport Nirvana” brand. They are now in process of arranging and negotiating with major publishers and networks. They want to begin marketing the product to consumers at the end of 2017 (in the second part) . The company has also begun to advertise the new brand on billboards and in magazines only in Washington and Colorado. Harrison also says that the company in planning to begin airing commercials with celebrity endorsements including Snoop Dogg, Bill Maher and Seth Rogan around January next year. However, since marijuana is legal only in Washington and Colorado, there will be advertisements only in these places.

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