Who would have thought? Marijuana better than sugar or alcohol!

There are three substances far more dangerous than marijuana that we actually use in our everyday life. They are available at our nearest convenience store. Sugar, alcohol and tobacco are those magical substances that we are more addictive than pot. Also, they’re more likely to make us sick.

Polling conducted in 2014 revealed that more and more people are starting to agree that pot is safer than “everyday” items like cigarettes and beer.

Who would have thought? Nearly half of those people (49 %) believed that tobacco was the most dangerous substance. Alcohol is on second place with 24 %, followed by sugar at 15 %. Only 8 % of people polled felt that marijuana was actually the most dangerous.

Given all the coverage of marijuana’s health benefits, this is hardly surprising!

Hemp is another product that has faced government scrutiny. Growing it actually requires a permit that is basically impossible to get. However, hemp products have managed to remain legal. Hemp supplements can also help in the support of good health. Mike Adams recently joined forces with Native Hemp Solutions to provide us with a hemp extract that is lab-validated for accuracy. In fact, his very own CWC Labs tests for the CBD content in the products, to ensure that these hemp extracts are 100 % authentic.

The crack-down on hemp certainly has not been as severe as what we’ve witnessed with marijuana. Cannabis has been wrongfully demonized for nearly a century.

Some doctors even agree that alcohol is more dangerous than pot. Dr. Aaron Carroll, a professor of pediatrics at University School of Medicine in Indiana believes that the first answer should always be that neither is a “safe” option. But he does believe that alcohol is worse.

After going through all the information and looking at which is more dangerous in almost any metric you would pick, pot looks like it’s really safer than alcohol. Doctors also note that most of the crimes committed that involve marijuana have to do with illegal distribution.

There are not a lot of violent crimes perpetrated by pot smokers.

Conversely, there are a very large number of crimes committed that involve alcohol as a component. Alcohol is known for contributing to violent assaults, in particular.

In addition to causing less crime, pot also appears to be less addictive. Studies show that only 9 % of people who experiment with pot will become addicted or dependent on it. In contrast, more than 20 % of people who experiment with booze will become dependent or abuse it. So, in reality, later in life, alcohol is far more likely to cause problems.

The only real reason why booze and tobacco are generally more “accepted” by society is because they’ve been part of our culture for longer. People treated Marijuana the same way alcohol was treated during prohibition. Prohibition on alcohol ended in 1933.

Isn’t it time we did the same for marijuana?


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