This Man Holds the Patent That Can Change the World by Destroying Monsanto [Video]

If you want to know how one can destroy Monsanto read and share this article. If there is anything interesting that you want to read and discover, this article gives great news. The subject is granted patent to the world’s leading mycologist, Paul Stamets. Even though he received this patent in 2006, it received a very little exposure and attention.

Why is that?

Because executives in the pesticide industry say that this patent actually represents “the most troublesome or disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when the experts say disruptive, they really mean it. They actually refer to the industry of chemical pesticides.

Destroying Monsanto

What this man has actually discovered?

The famous mycologist has figured out how to use the creations of mother nature to keep insects from destroying crops. This “project” name is SMART pesticides. These pesticides in fact provide safe & nearly constant solution for controlling over 200,000 species of different insects. All of this thanks to the ‘magical’ power of mushrooms.

Paul does this by taking fungi that destroys insects (their name is entomopathogenic Fungi). He morphs and transforms it so it does not produce or make spores. Successively, this actually attracts all the insects who eat and from the inside out turn into fungi!

This patent has a huge potential to make revolution on the way humans grow crops. If the world allows, it can reach mass exposure.

To tolerate the use of pesticides in current agriculture is actually to deny evidence proving the detrimental effects against the environment. People no longer can tolerate such ignorance. For example, can we imagine a world without insects or bees? Monsanto’s chemical concoctions sprinkled all over farmers’ fields around the world are in fact attributed to the large-scale bee die off. While an increasing number of countries are stopping or banning Monsanto, still a lot of countries and nations use it. They should know and be aware of their dangers. We should apply the new methods before it is too late.

Change the World by Destroying Monsanto

Nowadays, Monsanto generates $16 billion dollars per year (report from 2014).

Therefore you can be sure that they don’t want anything stopping or interrupting that huge flow of revenue. Such income gives them almost limitless abilities and resources to suppress and delete information that may be damaging for their big reputation.

But if we educated enough on the benefits of growing organic, clear, sustainable and bio-dynamic food, the corporate demon may soon get the simple message. Nobody wants to eat GMO food or fool full of pesticides.


Here are very useful links to read more about the incredible patent:

Link to the patent we are speaking of: 7,122,176

Here are all patents Paul has applied for.

Plenty of information about Paul Stamets.

Wikipedia page about Paul Stamets.


And finally, here is a video by Paul in 2008: 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World.


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