Lose 3 kilos in 5 days with this simple Tomato diet!

Tomato is product with low calories but it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Now it’s actually perfect time to try this diet which consists of eating tomatoes.

Tomato in fact has a big quantity of Vitamin A and C so it is recommended to eat on daily basis. They are simply a MUST is every diet cause one tomato (of 50 gr.) contains only 9 kCal.

If you decide to try this diet, you will lose weight: 3 kilos in 5 days ! You will get rid of all toxins in your body and you will simply enjoy in all shapes and forms of tomato: in salads, soups or as side dish.

Rules for tomato diet are very simple:

  • You must have 4 meals per day. Breakfast and snack can consist of tomato but it’s not necessary. For lunch and dinner you have to eat tomatoes.

  • If you want to lose weight but at same time strengthen your immunity system, you need to eat more meals on tomato basis. Its natural color protects from free radicals.

  • If you want to get rid of the fat around the stomach, eat fresh tomato. Cooked ones lose their vitamins. Without tomato there is no fast losing weight.


tomato slices

Day 1

Lunch: Fresh tomato and cheese; 200 gr mozzarella and 400 gr tomatoes. Season it with little olive oil. You can eat 30 gr of wholegrain bread.

Snack: Fruit (350 gr season fruit)

Dinner: Spaghetti with tomato sauce

First cut into small pieces two carrots and fry them little in olive oil.  Then add 50 ml. soup and leave it to cook for 5 min. Add 450 gr tomatoes (or 350 gr from can), than season with salt and pepper and add half teaspoon honey. Leave it for 10 minutes. In meantime, boil 50 gr pasta, add the sauce and if you like you can put parmesan on the top. Enjoy in the deliciousness.

Day 2

Greek Salad

First cut few garlic gloves into very small pieces, add 2 big tomatoes and cucumber, 2 tablespoons squeezed lemon. Then season with little olive oil, salt and pepper and 4 big black olives. Mix well and leave it for 5-10 min. At the end, add 30 gr. Cheese. You can eat one slice of whole-wheat bread.

Snack: biscuits and coffee

4 almond biscuits with espresso will be perfect combination. Try to avoid coffee with milk.

Dinner: Soup (or rice) with hake

It’s simple dinner. Just cook the rice separately. While you cook the rice put the fish in oven but previously season well with salt and pepper. Olive oil and garlic are MUST ingredients with this type of fish.


Day 3 for Tomato Diet

Lunch: Tortilla

First cut 300 gr tomatoes into small pieces and 100 gr of champignons. Then fry in little olive oil and then add 2 eggs, 4 tbls mineral water and finely chopped parsley. At the end season with salt and pepper and fry on low temperature until you get nice tortilla.

Dinner: Meat with tomato

First bake 125 gr beef in oven without any oil or spices. Then fry little garlic on olive oil and add 400 gr tomatoes. Fry into high temperature for 10 min. Enjoy in this meal with 50 gr rye bread.

Day 4

Lunch: Gaspacho

Gaspacho is cold soup of tomatoes. It’s typical Spanish dish.

First boil 500 gr tomatoes and then cut one green pepper and cucumber into small cubes. Then put them into blender. At the end add olive oil, breadcrumbs and little garlic.

Snack: Sandwich with tomato

One slice bread with turkey and tomato.

Dinner: Take two tomatoes and cut the top of them. Then make hole in them. Fill in with 50gr cheese, 125 gr boiled rice, little basil and tomatoes into small cubes to cover. You can add garlic to give special flavor. Put in oven to bake for 15 min.

Day 5

Lunch: Italian Salad

Green salad, small pieces of crisp bread or crackers, tomatoes, little olive oil and 50 gr cheese. Simply yummy!

Snack: Season fruit salad (try to avoid fruit with too much sugar in it)

Dinner: The same Italian salad or Greek salad.


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