The Very New Laser Therapy Doesn’t Have Side Effects and Destroys Cancer

Laser Therapy is the new key for cancer! If you personally haven’t been affected by cancer, unfortunately maybe you know someone who has. After Dr. Hadiyah Green lost two loved ones to cancer, she wanted to find a way to beat this modern deadly disease.

What’s her Story?

Dr. Hadiyah Green grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, by her aunt and uncle. After high school, she decided to study physics at Alabama A&M University. She actually became the first member of her family to graduate from college.

After her graduation, her aunt shared shocking medical diagnoses with the family. She had been diagnosed with cancer and she had been keeping it a secret, believe it or not, for entire 8 years.

This woman didn’t accept treatment. She didn’t want to choose suffering and going through the exhausting process of radiation or chemotherapy. Three months later, unfortunately she died. Not long after, the uncle of Dr. Green was also diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Even though he decided to go through the cancer treatment, doctors gave him only 3 months to live.

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Dr. Green nursed her uncle and he lived for another 10 years before he passed. The radiation and chemo treatments left him disfigured. “The man that raised me simply wasn’t the same. He simply wasn’t the same person.” said Hadiyah.

She was wondering why the treatment had to include or have influence on the entire body, when he only had cancer in one part or spot. From that moment, she dedicated her life to find a cancer treatment that doesn’t include debilitating and dangerous side effects.

Laser Discovery

While working on her doctorate, Hadiyah began reading about laser technology. She wondered if she could use lasers to directly target cancer cells . She was working hard in her lab in the following 3 years. Then she developed advanced technology that uses only nanoparticles to destroy cancer cells in the body. The good news is that is not affecting cells in other parts of the body or harming the healthy cells around them.

At just 35 years old, this woman was able to kill cancer in mice without actually damaging the rest of their bodies. She is the first person who successfully treats cancer using lasers.

Hadiyah Green

Laser Therapy

Doctors can use Laser therapy to treat cancer and the side effects of other cancer treatments. The aim is to shrink or destroy tumors using heat, or activate photosensitizing agent (PDT). It is a chemical that kills only cancerous cells and not the healthy cells.

In fact, there are 3 main types of lasers for cancer treatment:

  1. CO2 Lasers– These lasers vaporize or cut tissue with very little damage to tissues around or surrounding tissues. They are primarily used for pre-cancers and early stage cancer.
  2. Argon Lasers– These lasers, into tissues, only go a short distance. We can use them to treat eye tumors, skin problems. They can remove polyps from the colon before they develop into cancer.
  3. Nd: YAG Lasers– They go the deepest into the tissue. They can quickly cause blood to clot, making them effective at “arriving” in places which are hard to reach. They are in fact able to travel through small and tiny optical fibers that can be bent, placed in a tumor and heated to achieve the goal. And the goal is to destroy cancer.

The Cancer Research Foundation of Ora Lee Smith

Dr. Green wants her new and amazing technology to be affordable and available for people who need it the most. Instead of the pharmaceutical industry, her aim is to provide the treatment through a non-profit. She founded a research center named after her uncle and aunt. The focus is on finding a cure for cancer, especially through laser treatments.


Visit the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation if you want to support her organization. You will find out more information there how you can help.


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