Do You Know the Man Who Trains Bees to Make Honey From Cannabis!? [Video]

Can Bees make honey from something else than flowers? He is locksmith, an artisan, and above all else, a beekeeper. Many are calling him a genius. He has accumulated over 4,300 Facebook followers, and 700 on Instagram. A 39-year-old Frenchman who describes himself as an advocate of complete cannabis legalization and medical cannabis. He actually trained bees to make honey from cannabis.


For obvious reasons he uses the nickname of Nicolas Trainerbees. He has worked for 20 years with bees in a way to “train” them to make honey from virtually anything.

“I have trained these small creatures to do several things. Instead of using flowers they collect sugar from fruits,” he explains.


Nicholas says “since childhood I have been passionate about nature,” . That led him to this profession, mixing love for plant life with love for animals – especially insects.

“Cannahoney” is the name of the cannabis honey made by the bees from “a training technique whereby the bees collect the resin and use it in the beehive.”

He then explains that the final substance is the sole work of the bees. “For some time I had known about the health benefits of bee products like propolis, honey wax, pollen and royal jelly. I have also known about the benefits of cannabis,. And so he decided to take notice of the requests.


He contends “[E]verything that passes through the body of a bee is in fact improved,”  because their enzymes make the nectar turn into honey.

“So it would also be very beneficial if a bee took the resin from cannabis.”

He also added: The aim arose for me to get these insects to obtain this resin,”. The “cannahoney” has “quite a floral” color and aroma. It “is not smoked but it is ingested and it is good for health,” he says. Nicolas at the end adds “the bees accept any strain.”

Do the bees get high off of the cannabis they make the honey from?

“The bees that produce the cannahoney are not affected by cannabinoids because they do not have an endocannabinoid system,”. For them, it is just another form of food.


Source: RealFarmacy

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