Invest Your Money in These 10 Amazing Organic Companies!

Nowadays, it’s very important to give support to non-GMO and organic companies.Unregulated GMO technologies, genetically engineered apples that don’t turn brown, GMO salmon; this is the time we live in. But it is also now the time to reclaim the integrity of the food supply.

For consumers it’s been a good and bad news situation: organic options are more available than ever before. But top watchdog organizations at the same time have warned that the label’s standards are being watered down or are in danger .

These 10 independently owned organic food companies are really selling organic products. Your money has special value there. Do not hesitate to support them!

Organic Companies


10 Independent Organic Companies

Sometimes you cannot buy direct from organic and organic farmers. Therefore, the next best solution is to buy from independently owned organic companies.

  1. Nature’s Path

Makers of granola bars, cereals and more similar products. They are independent since 1985. They made headlines for buying up thousands of acres of farmland in Montana and Saskatchewan and converting it to organic.

The company, in addition to its regular line of products, offers few gluten-free options including superfood snack bars and waffles.

Nature’s Path is also active in supporting environmental causes, urban farming, and other charitable causes.

  1. Lundberg Farms

It is a very popular organic rice company based in California.

Lundberg uses eco-friendly organic techniques in order to produce few types of rice. The rice has unique organic varieties like gluten-free rice chips or jasmine.

The demand for organic rice has grown so the company’s operations have continued to expand. But founder Grant Lundberg remains committed to producing environmentally food on a large scale.

“If you say only small companies can have values then you’re a cynic, aren’t you?” Lundberg said.

whole nature

  1. Pacific Natural Foods – One of the greatest organic companies

This independent company based in Oregon offers a wide variety of broths, soups, nut milks and other hearty packaged foods available in more grocery stores across the country.

You might want to consider buying them over Campbell’s new organic line. Why? Well because this soup icon spent nearly $1 million to stop GMO labeling.

  1. Uncle Matt’s

Fresh-squeezed juice is always the best. But sometimes when you find hard time making it, do not hesitate to buy bottled orange juice. You can easily find this brand in grocery stores across the country.

This company is supporter of mandatory GMO labeling. They offer truly organic juices without the funny stuff (like artificially enhanced “flavor packs” sometimes used in other “natural” brands).

  1. Bronner’s

A health food store staple, Dr. Bronner’s is one of the most financially generous backers of mandatory GMO labeling.


“If we don’t fight and properly win the right to label and of course enable people to choose non-GMO, then everything will be GMO.”

Bronner’s company, also based in California, is active in several causes including the legalization of marijuana and hemp , as well as preserving organic standards and fair trade.

matt mc

Dr. Bronner’s is famous for “all-in-one soaps” including hemp-based and castille  varieites. Their line of Fair Trade-certified products also includes organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, hand soaps and more.

  1. Traditional Medicinals

There are a lot of tea companies that use mysterious “natural flavors” and artificial flavors. This company utilizes only natural, organic herbs in their unique formulas.

That makes them a better bet than most tea companies for health purposes, as well as for supporting an independent organic company.

You can find Traditional Medicinals online, at health food stores and even in the natural foods section of many supermarkets. They have formulas like chamomile tea for relaxing, dandelion root for detoxifying and blend for issues like sore throat relief.

  1. Amy’s Kitchen

Whether you’re a fan of frozen food or not, it’s hard to argue with the way this company does business.

Not only have they remained organic and independent despite growing impressively, they also found time to create what is believed to be the nation’s first organic fast food restaurant in California.

If you haven’t tried Amy’s yet, check out their mac n’ cheese, pizzas, soups, and other unique food options. They have vegan and vegetarian recipes as well.

  1. Frontier Natural Products

Makers of the Aura Cacia essential oils and Simply Organic spice line, you can find the former in grocery and health food stores; the latter is now popping up in drug stores like Rite Aid.

You can’t go wrong if you choose Simply Organic for non-GMO spices and essential oils. They produce everything: from turmeric, cayenne to cumin and other delicious meal spices.

  1. Frey Wines

It’s hard to find organic wine among the hundreds of varieties. The key is buying wine from a trusted organic source. One new study found a toxic weedkiller – glyphosate. This toxic contaminates 100% of wines tested. We can also add other concerns such as the growing possibility of GMO yeast in wines and health-damaging sulfites.

Of course, it’s very difficult to know whether each bottle contains glyphosate. Therefore, you should buy from a trusted organic source.


Frey Wines is the America’s first biodynamic and organic winery. The winery is located inside of the Solar Living Institute, a 12-acre project with biofuel and electric stations for cars, “extensive organic gardens” solar panels and more.

As for the winery itself, Frey’s is an independent maker of organic and biodynamic wines with distributors across the country selling its award-winning reds and whites (with no sulfites added). You can also find their products online.

  1. Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is number one seller of artisan foods ranging from chocolate to coffee, teas and olive oil. It has its commitment to small-scale organic farmers, fair trade principles and co-ops.

They have their own children’s fundraising program and that is what makes them especially unique. They allow parents and kids to raise money for local causes.

These are only 10 of the best independent organic companies to support. Your opinion matters! Please leave a comment below and let us know by posting a link to your favorite independent organic companies.


Source: AltHealthWorks

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