Start This Year By Introducing New Healthy Habits

New Year is here in front of us! New Healthy habits as well.

Maybe it’s familiar for you every year saying and repeating: “This year I have to change something, I have to change my lifestyle by eating healthy food”. Then few days will pass, you will maybe buy all ingredients and you will start the “process” but you quit easily because it takes time for preparation or simply you don’t see the effects.

Here we will give you few suggestions and advices how to change you healthy habits, how to have more energy and be more efficient

First of all we want to mention few fruits and vegetables that you don’t have to peel! It’s important to know because we all know that maybe the peel of few fruits and vegetables aren’t delicious, hard to chew, tasteless and have bitter taste. But the most of antioxidants are actually in that part of the fruit or vegetable. And this part is crucial for your health and for the food digestion.

Cucumber is first on the healthy habits list.

It actually contains just few calories and helps in the formation of collagen in the skin! It tastes great; it’s easier to chop the entire cucumber to make nice salad than to peel it first. Of course, you should wash it very well. We suggest you to put one teaspoon baking soda in the bowl full of water and leave the cucumber for at least 10 minutes to stay.

Apple is second on the list because a lot of researchers said that the peel contains even 87% more phytochemicals fighting against cancer then the apple inside. Also it’s the greatest fruit for our teeth. Doctors say that eating one apple per day and you will forget to go at dentist!

Orange – The orange peel is rich with D-limonene which is considered to be huge enemy of UV rays. According to scientist from USA, consuming 1 teaspoon of grated orange peel per week can actually make the risk of skin cancer 30% lower. If you don’t like to eat it like that, you can easily make simple fruit salad and put it inside. You will eat it without any problem.

Eggplant peel consists in average 300 mg Nasunin.

It is an antioxidant that protects brain cells. It also contains 200 mg Potassium and 13 mg Magnesium. If you eat this vegetable baked in oven or even fried, you will never notice its peel but the peel will fight for your health!

Кiwi– Basic components of kiwi peels fight against a lot of bacteria like Staphylococci and Escherichia coli! But kiwi peel is really something that it’s not tasty to eat. So first wash very well the kiwi and chop it in very small pieces. Put them in fruit salad and mix it well. You will hardly notice it inside the salad.

You save time by not peeling the fruit or vegetable, you contribute in your better life and healthier habits.


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