These Insects Can Cause Serious Rash and Common Infestation

Maybe you are not a big fan of insects, bugs and you don’t like caterpillar. They are fuzzy little insects that look harmless. But actually there are some caterpillars out there that can cause a serious skin rash.

The gypsy moth larvae or caterpillar is damaging trees. When they are fully grown, they measure around 2 inches and they are very hairy. They have six pairs of red dots and five pairs of blue dots on their back. They are “cute” for some people and very unique-looking, but unfortunately they can easily cause irritation.

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Doctors are receiving a lot of calls regarding gypsy moths and reactions from exposure to these insects.

They release a memo that actually explains why people are experiencing these skin reactions.

These caterpillars do not bite. They have two types of hair that they actually use as defensive system. That can create a stinging sensation. These stinging hairs “create” reactions that vary from mild to moderately severe itching, rash. It is similar to contact dermatitis.”

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The experts explain that usually the onset is noticed within 8-12 hours after contact. After 1-2 days it may become more visible and pronounced. Most irritation or rashes that gypsy moths can cause, clear up only in a few days or up to 2 weeks.

“Sometimes hypersensitivity reactions can delay and show a result in inflammation of the nasal passages, irritation to the eyes and shortness of breath. This is particularly common in the case of airborne hairs of adult gypsy moths, or contact with clothes hanging on outdoor lines when the moth is locally abundant.” – According to the memo.

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What To Do If You Have Irritation or Rash From A Gypsy Moth?

These small (and for someone sweet) creatures are popping up everywhere this period of the year. Don’t panic if you come in contact with one. Most skin irritations or rashes will clear up in a week, but they can be extremely itchy!

To help alleviate the itching, Wareham Pediatrics in Massachusetts advise an over-the-counter cream like hydrocortisone for example. However, some lavender essential oil will be excellent choice as well. If you develop a fever or widespread rash then seek medical help.

Watch the following video if you want more information on this topic:


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