Incorrect Diagnose for Cold Sores In Mouth-10-Year-Old Dies

UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of doctors fail to give proper diagnose. One of those “victims” is Briony Klingberg, a 10-year-old girl from Australia. Her mother, Briony Klingberg visited different doctors but nobody could find the correct diagnosis. This girl had fever and complained about pain in her throat. After visiting a lot of doctors, none of them could properly diagnose her. This young girl first saw a general practitioner. Then she experienced trouble swallowing and started vomiting. Doctors tought it was throat infection so they gave her antibiotics.


But her illness continued to get worse. doctors in the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, detected ulcers on her throat. They sent her home then and the next day she visited another general practitioner. She was prescribed steroids because she needed to reduce the swelling in her throat.

Her mother returned back to the hospital to take detailed blood tests. The next day she woke unable to urinate. She immediately went back to the Children’s Hospital, but unfortunately never made it inside. This young girl had a seizure in the parking lot and died.


What was the Correct Diagnose?

It actually came after Briony’s death. Due to herpes simplex virus, her death resulted from organ failure. This virus was responsible for all of her “hidden” symptoms. Her mom said, “Everything was just a guess from doctors, we never went home with a diagnosis. Everyone was simply sending us home so we thought it’s nothing serious and she couldn’t be that sick.”

She continued, “If there was small concern that she needed to stay, we would have definitely chosen to stay. “


One of the doctors who saw Briony at the Children’s hospital was Dr. Alice Rogers. She wanted her to stay overnight because the throat of the little girl looked unusual. But when she consulted Dr. Davinder Gill, a senior physician, she was advised to send Briony home.

Dr. Rogers, the junior doctor said, “The appearance of her throat was particularly unusual. Of course, I wanted him to look at it because I hadn’t seen anything similar.” Dr. Gill said that Briony was well enough not to stay at the hospital but to go home.

The mother of this little girl is mourning her loss. She said, “Doctors said to bring mi little girl back if she is getting worse. In fact, she wasn’t necessarily getting worse but she just wasn’t getting better as well.” Briony’s family is wondering what would have happened if she received the correct diagnosis.


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