Household Cleaner Containing 146 Toxic Chemicals Can Cause Cancer

Did you know that there are 146 chemicals in your household cleaner? The most toxic of the chemicals are: benzene, formaldehyde, chloroform and toluene. The worst thing is that they are NOT listed on the label.

Commercial household cleaner products have been linked to cancer, neurological problems, asthma and blindness. Many of them are unfortunately extremely poisonous.

Household Cleaner

Tests actually found that Comet released 146 Air Contaminants. That is in fact MORE THAN ANY OTHER CLEANING PRODUCT EVER TESTED. There are only 6 ingredients were actually disclosed on the product label, including:

Seven Chemicals on California’s Prop 65 List as Known to Cause Cancer and Reproductive Toxicity, as well as reproductive toxins, hormone disruptors, allergens, asthma gens, brain and nervous system toxins:

FORMALDEHYDE is a chemical that can cause cancer under CA law. It is a known human carcinogen under the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Then it is human system toxin under the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Finally, a human respiratory toxin per the EPA. Studies show as a reproductive/developmental toxin, allergen and asthma gen.

OLUENE, (carcinogen, reproductive/developmental toxin, neuro toxin allergen)

ACETALDEHYDE, (carcinogen by Prop 65 law; known human respiratory toxin according to the EPA; known human immune system toxin per the National Library of Medicine of the NIH);)

CHLOROFORM, (carcinogen, reproductive/developmental toxin, neuro toxin allergen, used to render people unconscious)

BENZENE, (carcinogen, reproductive/developmental toxin, neuro toxin allergen, linked to leukemia in children)

1-CHLORO-2,3-EPOXYPROPANE  (this petroleum based chemical is listed as a known human immune system toxin per the National Library of Medicine of the NIH; Proposition 65 states that there is strong evidence it is a reproductive toxin; the European Commission on Hormone Disrupts provides there is strong evidence it is a human endocrine disruptor; the EPA, the IARC, the National Toxicology Program of the NIH and the California EPA, the European Union, and Canada, all list it as a possible carcinogen.  It is also a human respiratory toxin in accordance with the EPA’s regulation of Hazardous Air Pollutants).

N-ETHYL-N-NITROSO-ETHANAMINE  (reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen under the National Toxicology Program of the NIH; probable human carcinogen per the EPA, and Cal Prop 65 law; toxic under the EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory; mutagen to DNA.

Don’t expose yourself to all those harmful toxins that may cause brain damage. In few minutes, you can easily make your own natural cleaning products.

Homemade Natural and Chemical-Free Household Cleaner


Simply mix all ingredients in a bowl. The important thing is to mix it with a fork and make sure the essential oil doesn’t clump up in the salt and soda.


Source: RealFarmacy


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