Honey and Turmeric: Pure Natural Antibiotic for Inflammatory Problems

Honey and turmeric mixture is perfect combination and solution for everyone especially for those suffering from inflammatory problems.

Curcuma is in fact the main substance in turmeric. It is actually very important substance which has anticancer influence. Scientists proved that this ingredient in fact lowers the level of free radicals in our body. This is very important for lowering the risk of chronicle inflammation and autoimmune diseases. This herb is also used for strengthening our organism and for regulation the digestion.


It has a lot of other benefits like:

  • purification of the liver and bile,
  • normalization of menstruation,
  • reducing inflammation in arthritis,
  • treatment of blood,
  • stimulating the metabolism,
  • skin problems, respiratory problems, and
  • against fungi and bacteria and intestinal parasites.

That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised that the combination of homemade honey and turmeric is powerful fighter against many diseases. It will surely strengthen your immunity system. It will give you energy and it will give to our body “good bacteria” . This bacteria actually will help in the process of food digestion.

This drink will help you if you have hypertension because turmeric helps in regulation of blood pressure.
But honey can increase the sugar level in the blood so all diabetics before consuming this beverage should consult their doctor.


How to prepare?

All you need is one tablespoon of melted turmeric and 100 gr homemade honey. Just mix well and keep in glass bowl. As soon as you notice one of the healthy problems mentioned above, the first day take one spoon of the natural remedy every hour. The second day, half a spoon on every two hours and the third day half a spoon three times per day.

At the end, if you consume it just for prevention than take only one tablespoon in the morning on empty stomach, 30 minutes before the breakfast. Do not swallow it immediately; let it melt in your mouth. It has good taste.

You can also add it in your morning coffee, tea or cup of milk.


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