Honey – Natural Remedy that We all Have in our Kitchen

Honey – Natural Remedy In and Out of the Kitchen that everyone can use it. Problems with memory and energy during the day? Too much toxins in your organism? Need to relax and sleep well? In all of these situations, it is the perfect solution and healthy natural remedy that will help you feel much better.

In which situations can we use this natural remedy?

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  1. Weight loss aid

It’s very interesting one research or we can better say clinical trial that showed that patients with diabetes who consumed honey had lower cholesterol and lost weight comparing to their non-honey-consuming counterparts. Very easy way to add honey to your diet, is simply to start off your day with tablespoon of this healthy ingredient and hot water. It will satisfy your needs for eating sweet during the day and it will give you a lot of energy.

  1. Antioxidant booster

One study showed that this ingredient is a great source of powerful antioxidants. This is important because antioxidants play a big role in heart health and of course reducing the risk of cancer. Subjects ate 4 tablespoons of buckwheat honey for 29 days and then results showed that they have higher levels of antioxidants in their blood.

  1. Memory Stimulator

It is known as a memory “keeper” and memory stimulator. It can boost postmenopausal women’s memories and also keep our concentration on high level for long time. As natural remedy, it can be actually more effective than some hormone pills. Women who consumed 20-25 grams of honey per day after 4 months had better short-term memory than their counterparts who took hormone supplements.

  1.  Honey – Infection fighter

We know it for its antimicrobial properties and in ancient times it was used for topically treating wounds. It is proven that honey can protect wounds from further infections. It can also quickly clear infections and speed healing by stimulating growth of cells.

  1. Relaxing bath soak

Legend tells that Cleopatra actually indulged in a milk and honey bath for soft skin—the milk’s lactic acid and the honey’s moisturizing abilities can make your skin soft, smooth and tender. You don’t have to be rich to indulge in a honey soak once you have milk, honey and essential oil.

  1. Sore throat soother

This natural remedy contains amino acids, B vitamins and the minerals calcium and magnesium. With these qualities, it has the ability to boost immunity and soothe sore throats.

  1. Sleeping “pill”

Having problems with sleeping? Having insomnia? This natural “pill” can help you fall asleep. Your brain runs on glycogen, which your liver produces. In order to produce glycogen, the liver needs glucose and fructose, plus some minerals and vitamins. Taking 1 teaspoon of the natural remedy (which contains all of the above) before going to bed helps provide enough steady brain fuel for 7 to 8 hours of restful and calm sleep.


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