Simple homemade shampoo for hair loss! Make it today!

Pregnancy, weight loss, stress, menopause and other factors are tightly related to hair loss. But there are also other reasons for hair loss as well. It’s normal our body to react like that to all.

Stressful situations that we have in our everyday life.  Stress can particularly cause a hormonal imbalance and can lead to excessive and abnormal hair loss. Here, you will read one simple recipe that will help you say goodbye to this problem.

It really works as magic!

This is a problem that everyone face it sooner or later. Many people spend a lot of money on expensive treatments or hair products. But it seems like they don’t help much. That’s why this homemade shampoo will help you say goodbye to hair loss. You won’t have this problem anymore!

How to make your own simple homemade shampoo for hair loss?

Simple homemade shampoo for hair loss


All you need is a natural shampoo with a neutral pH. For example, you can use normal baby shampoo. This will be a base ingredient, where you will add other 3 ingredients:

  • lemon essential oil
  • rosemary essential oil
  • two caplets of vitamin E

Lemon essential oil reacts as antiseptic and refreshes our skin and hair. The rosemary oil increases the blood flow to the scalp and strengthens the hair.

You can buy the vitamin E in any local health stores or in the pharmacies. Vitamin E is extremely beneficial and useful against hair loss. It will speed up and stop the hair loss process, so you will say goodbye to hair loss forever!



Add ten drops of essential rosemary oil and ten drops of lemon essential oil into the neutral shampoo. Then, add the two capsules of vitamin E. Shake this shampoo nice and gently before every use!


How to use it:

Note: It’s very important to follow the dynamic and use this homemade shampoo every second day. So, if you use it for example, today, you will take a break the next day. Apply it on your hair and massage it gently for several minutes. Then, leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse it off with some warm water. It’s very simple, but extremely effective.

The results will surprise you and you’ll say goodbye to hair loss forever! Your hair will start to grow in only several weeks!


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