Homemade Garlic Antibiotics Ointment in 3 Simple Steps!

This simple homemade garlic antibiotics ointment will solve a lot of problems related to our health!

People all around the world use garlic but not everyone knows of its healing and medicinal properties.  The natural medicine, over the years, has used and still uses this vegetable in treatments, as it contains properties that resist fungi, infections, bacteria, and even can help clean and purify the blood.

We can find all these benefits when we crush the garlic. By that process, the garlic releases a substance called allacin, which is actually the base of many medicines produced by pharmacies.  Here,we will show you how to prepare an amazing garlic ointment for curing various ailments.


Use This Medicine At Home

For almost all wounds, you can simply crush garlic and put it directly on the wound.  By doing this, you will alleviate the pain and, of course, avoid infections.

In addition, once ingested, garlic actually helps to generate healthy bacterial flora and counteracts negative effects of oral medications on the stomach.


For infections caused by fungi, for example, athlete’s foot, you can apply garlic paste directly to the infection.  Then covere it with socks and leave it like that. You can also apply Garlic paste to rashes, including herpes or acne.

If you want to reduce colds and pneumonia, rub it on the chest. Also, rubbing it in the nose area can alleviate postnasal drip and sinus infections.

Finally, garlic can also be excellent painkiller and antibiotic if you gently apply it with a cotton swab in the ears.

How to Prepare a Garlic Antibiotics Ointment?

To achieve this great, for all-use paste, you need only remember the rule of 3×3.

Three ingredients:

You need 3 overflowing tablespoons of each ingredient to make the paste.



Put the coconut oil in a small pan over low heat. Then add the olive oil and mix them nicely.  When they are hot and uniform, add in the garlic little by little, sautée lightly, and remove from heat.  Put the mixture in a blender or use a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder to grind; strain the resulting substance and put it in a jar.  Ready!

Now you have your own antibiotic ointment and painkiller!  Keep it in the refrigerator for 2 weeks , but don’t forget to mix it occasionally.


When the mixture is recently made, it will have a color similar to milk. Little by little, it will become soft and thicker.  After few hours in fridge, you will discover the perfect spreadable balm.

If you use this ancient natural remedy, then we should tell you only one simple advice: we use coconut oil but the garlic odor remains. Therefore, try to use it only at home because the odor will also get into your clothing.  You should therefore choose clothing to use for using the treatment and make sure to not mix them with other laundry when you wash.

There it is! You are now able to prepare this amazing garlic antibiotics ointment.  Don’t delay in preparing some, as it is a natural remedy that will provide innumerable benefits for the whole family.


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