Useful Herbal Remedies to Reduce Inflammation and Pain!

Herbal remedies are perfect solution to reduce Pain and Inflammation! Pain can literally freeze you up! It can have huge influence over our thoughts, all over our body. It can seriously deprive us of healthy and quality life.

People suffering from chronic pain are more likely to endure psychiatric symptoms like tension, anxiety and depression. And that is really no surprise. When someone is suffering from pain, it is naturally harder to be happy and enjoy things, even the ones that you love.


But luckily, nowadays, we have a lot of options. While medical painkillers can be helpful and in most cases the best option, they can also lead to side effects like gastrointestinal upset. Also, medicines and drugs are never best as long-term strategy for coping with chronic pain. Our primary goal should be to try and get rid of inflammation and pain by figuring out the root cause(s).

Here are few herbal remedies that can easily help you reduce inflammation and pain:

  1. Bromelain



Bromelain is a useful enzyme that we can find in one of the most delicious tropical fruits, the Pineapple.

Even though most enzymes “lose their way” in the digestive system, Bromelain actually gets absorbed into our bodies’ whole. It gives very good effects. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, studies have shown that it can reduce pain and lower inflammation.

Eating pineapple can provide add Bromelain to your body, especially if you juice the hard stem and drink it on an empty stomach. Juicing pineapple in a combo with Aloe Vera, Ginger and Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory pain relief remedy.

  1. Turmeric



It may resemble ginger, but it is bright orange on the inside. Turmeric is available as a whole fresh fruit. Most commonly people consume it in North America and Asia as a dried ground spice.

People have been use turmeric for over 4000 years for treatment of different medical conditions, from cancers to skin inflammation problems. In 2009 study, researchers concluded that turmeric helped reduce pain more effectively in arthritis patients than ibuprofen.

Indian foods are based on this amazing natural remedy. Additionally, curcumin (the powerful compound in turmeric) is also available as supplement.

  1. Devil’s Claw – Weird but one of the best Herbal Remedies

Devils Claw


Maybe it looks creepy and very similar to the paw of a devil, but it doesn’t work like one! This funny-shaped natural item can reduce pain, inflammation and physical functioning in patients with osteoarthritis.

Devil’s Claw comprises of components like iridoid glycosides, which are thought to be the architect behind its pain relieving characteristics.

People can consume Devil’s claw in tea form, but it is also available as capsules and ointments.

  1. White Willow Bark


White Willow Bark


White Willow Bark is simply the bark of a White Willow tree. Make sure to choose the right tree before chopping off the bark.

This magical natural remedy has been in use for thousands of years to treat fever and inflammation. It contains salicin which is actually a powerful compound that works like aspirin. It helps in the process of treating lower back pain.

Available in capsules, tea form or as a tincture, you can choose what’s best for you. Pharmaceutical organizations use this herb as a component to make pain-relief supplements.

  1. Egg Membrane

Egg Membrane


It is the transparent layer between the eggshell and the actual egg content inside. Egg Membranes are quite evident on hard boiled eggs.

Egg membrane consists of components that are basically designed to protect the egg and its inner contents including collagen and glucosamine. According to several studies, egg membrane effectively reduced joint pain and inflammation in patients with arthritis of the knee.

It is available in supplement form, but if you have a cut or a wound, you can apply the membrane directly for fast healing.


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