The Herb Artemisia Annua Can Kill 98% of Cancer Cells!

One of the most deadly diseases is cancer and scientists are constantly trying to find cure and solution that will finally put an end to this disease. One of those potential cures is the herb Artemisia annua. It can kill even 98% of the cancer cells for only 16 hours.

In fact, according to a research that has been published in “Life Science”, artemisinin, derived from the herb “Sweet wormwood” or Artemisia annua, is used in the alternative Chinese medicine. It takes only 16 hours to destroy most of the cancer cells (cancer cells of breast and lung cancer).

The herb Artemisia Annua causes reduction of the cancer cells (28%).

In combination with iron, Artemisia annua can successfully and completely “delete” almost all cancer cells, while the healthy cells stay under no impact from the herb.

Herb Artemisia Annua


The results from a study in a laboratory at the University of California revealed that artemisinin affects the cell transcription. It interferes with the ‘E2F1′ factor of transcription and therefore it disables the cell division. Artemisinin, intercedes the destruction of the cancer cell and it controls their growth.

Before there was a proof that artemisinin is effective against cancer. People used it as a drug against malaria, because it was quite powerful. While conducting the study scientist’s added iron, which can be in fact easy attached to the cancer infected cells. Artemisinin selectively attacked the “bad” cells, and left the “good” cells untouched.

Special receptors that participate in the cell division are responsible for depositing iron in the cancer cells. These receptors are also part of the healthy cells, but the cancer cells have in much greater amounts. As a consequence of this, artemisinin and iron can affect the abnormal cells.

Lots of experiments so far proved that the combination of artemisinin with iron can effectively influence the destruction of cancer cells. People in China used this combination as a cure for malaria for thousands of years.

The first scientists that discover that malaria parasite cannot survive in the presence of artemisinin, because of its rich content of iron, were Henry Lai and Narendra Singh. They were scientist from the University of Washington.


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