Hepatitis E Related to Popular Imported Meat Product

Have you ever wonder why there are so many diseases? Can we get Hepatitis E from food? Nutritionists suggest eating healthy food but how can we eat healthy food from supermarket when everything is contaminated? Researchers recently found that pork products sold at a leading supermarket in the UK may actually have contained this type of hepatitis . This fact puts thousands of people at risk.

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Hepatitis E and Contaminated Pork Products

Researchers concluded that people who contracted hepatitis E shopped at the same supermarket. They looked into their purchases and saw that many of them had regularly purchased sausages and ham from the store. Based on a previous studies and report that showed British pigs do not contain the virus, researchers made conclusion that the outbreak is happening from pork products shipped in from outside of the United Kingdom.

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Each year 200,000 people in the UK  are infected with the hepatitis E virus through imported pork products. Hepatitis E can cause jaundice, influenza-like symptoms and fatal liver damage. This virus can be deadly for women who are pregnant and people with pre-existing liver conditions.


There are four different types of hepatitis. Most commonly the virus is found in areas with frequent water contamination or third world countries. But it can also occur in areas with safe drinking water supplies. Genotype 3 viruses is the reason for most of the cases in these areas. they are connected to an infection with the virus that in fact originates in animals.

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Researchers note that ready-to-eat products and pre-cooked products, as well as pork products required to be cooked at home, are associated with hepatitis E. The supermarket’s own brand of sausages was found to be associated with the virus. The Public Health England continues the investigation and explains that the discovery “does not infer blame on the supermarket,”. Therefore, they will not be naming the store.


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