“Healthy” Chips Are 100% Positive For GMO Herbicide – GMO Chips

GMO Chips? Everyone loves eating chips from time to time. We admit it’s delicious, but how healthy it is? Have you ever wondered what’s inside?

Nowadays, many food companies are really struggling to stay relevant as people across the country finally become more health conscious. PepsiCo, the owner of Frito-Lay, in order to keep sales up, started producing “healthy” chips. Its name is SunChips. But results showed how unhealthy they actually are. The GMO Free USA sent samples of this Chips to an independent lab.

Toxic Ingredients In SunChips – GMO Chips

The lab found glyphosate traces and GM corn  after testing the SunChips, throughout all of the samples. The tests showed that 100% of the corn was in fact GMO in the SunChips. It contained “DNA sequences which are present in insecticide-producing Roundup Ready and Bt corn.”

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Having in mind the glyphosate testing, researchers made conclusion: “An accredited lab conducted the glyphosate residue test by using the Specific LC/MS/MS testing method. They used a minimum detectable leveFl of 0.02 ppm. The test documented the presence of glyphosate in SunChips at a level of 0.14 ppm, or 0.14 mg/kg. As we said and reported in the findings of our Froot Loops testing, this actually gives a significant reason for concern.”

Research has shown that glyphosate bio-accumulates in the body. Studies have in fact linked the toxic substance to endocrine disorders, cancer, autism and reproductive health issues. GMO corn has also been linked to health issues, including reproductive problems and organ failure.

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The fact that this company has been hiding these toxic ingredients in a product they are marketing as healthy isn’t shocking, considering their stance on GMO labeling. This company has been one of the largest monetary contributors to campaigns against GMO labeling. Pepsi contributed over $8 million to help defeat citizens’ ballot initiatives in Washington, California, Colorado and Oregon.



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