This is the Healthiest Food For Your Heart and Health!

The Healthiest Food For Your Heart and Health is write in front of you!

Rapid way of life, rush hour all the time during the week…waking up early in the morning and spending all day at work? Do you have time to eat healthy food? Do you have time to pay attention to your organism and what do you consume every day? All bad habits that we have can actually lead to unhealthy life and problems with our health. We should stop and think about consequences in ling term. How food can harm our health? Fast food is the main reason for heart diseases and heart attack.

Take time for yourself and eat healthy food for your heart, soul and mind!

The next list will help you to stay fit during your life. All you have to do is buy the ingredients and start consume from today. The following list of food will keep your body healthy and protect it.

1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate
Everyone wants chocolate. Did you know that it is actually healthy food for your heart? Dark chocolate is made of cocoa and contains antioxidants. They help protection blood system and our heart. Consume dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) and you will satisfy the need for eating sweet and in same time you will protect yourself.
2. Tomatoes

Red and ripe tomatoes are incredibly healthy. They contain pigment which is also antioxidant and prevents bad cholesterol. They are also great prevention of heart attack. Low in calories and sugar, you can eat them in bigger quantities.
3. Green tea

green tea
We already mentioned green tea almost in every food concerning healthy life. It offers you joy and in same time protection of your health. Scientist proved that people consuming green tea don’t have problems with heart.
4. Almonds

Almonds Best food ever
Actually all nuts are great for our health. Almonds contain Omega 3 Acids and they improve the good cholesterol. This type of cholesterol protects our heart and “keeps” it in good shape.
5. Red wine

red wine
One to two cups of red wine per day and forget about problems with health. It regulates blood pressure and the cholesterol in the blood.
6. Salmon

Food For Your Heart Food Salmon
At the end, sea food, especially salmon is rich in Omega 3 Acids. Salmon can protect us from arrhythmia and other hearth diseases. It’s great food for blood vessels.


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