Here is What Happens to Your Lungs With Only 3 Drops of This Oil!

Here is what happens to your lungs with only 3 drops of this oil!

When seasons are changing, especially autumn – winter, a lot of people suffer from flu, colds, and in some serious cases even pneumonia.

Antibiotics can treat serious illnesses, but there is a natural way to treat symptoms of colds and coughs with a 100% natural ingredient.

The answer and solution is the simple herb, oregano.

Oregano is a herb hailing from the Mediterranean. People use it  widely in cooking, but many don’t know of its amazing healing properties.

Benefits of oregano for “better” Lungs:

  • High in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Great source of calcium
  • Abundant of iron
  • High levels of vitamin K
  • High in B-vitamins, fiber and manganese
But the main benefit of oregano (especially distilled oregano oil) is that it contains microbes and pathogens. These are actually great for treating respiratory tract illnesses.



There are a lot of scientific studies which have proven the benefits of oregano oil, especially for our lungs!

For example, one study presented at the American College of Nutrition Annual meeting in 2001 showed that a small amount of oregano oil preserved in a test tube stopped the growth of pathogens in a similar way to standard antibiotics.

Scientists at the Greek University of Thessaloniki also found similar results. They found oregano oil was helpful in stopping pathongenic bacteria even when it was diluted to 1/50000. These results were published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemisty in an article called “Antimicrobial and Cytoxic Activities of Origanum Essential Oils”

Another study by Dr. Ann Draughon showed that oregano oil was able to kill many different types of bacteria such as E-coli, Pseudomonas aeruglinosa and Listeria monocytogenes.

How to use Oregano Oil?

To use oregano oil, Add 3 drops into a glass of water and take it every day. Oregano essential oil is very potent so be careful not to use too much. If you feel a cold coming on, ”cut it” by taking this combination for 5 days to boost your immune system.


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