Here Is What Can Happen If You Quit Eating Sugar

Quit eating sugar can be hard! All of us want to eat donuts, cakes, sweets and delicious desserts. Sugar by itself isn’t so harmful and evil. But when you consume too much sugary things every day, of course it’s not healthy. Consuming excess sugar every day it’s really unnecessary. If you decide to quit sugar you will notice a lot of positive things.
If you stop eating food loaded with sugar, you will soon notice the following 5 distinctive things that will happen to your body.

Quit Eating Sugar

1. Energy Improvement

Maybe sounds ironic because once we feel that we don’t have enough energy, we take a bite of a chocolate or something sweet to give us energy. We often take energy drinks as well which are simply loaded with sugar. Caffeine beverages are also an option when we feel tired.
But try to avoid this next time when you feel like taking something sweet because you think you don’t have enough energy. Just take a glass of water or wait for a little bit. The energy will “come back” naturally. All that sugar in fact is blocking the ability of our body to keep the energy stores at maximal levels. In addition to this, there will be no up-and-down with the blood sugar.

2. Quit Eating Sugar Stabilizes the Weight

Sugar makes you addicted to more sugar. And it is not only about the sugar in its raw form. Most of the sugar we consume comes in high-carb and/or high-fat foods. These foods have been processed or they contain at least tons of unwanted ingredients. Of course, there is the exception of fruit, which can give or satisfy the need of sugar.
Try to make sugar detox to your body. You will deal with all those additional and unnecessary calories. You will end up losing weight because you won’t feel hungry.

3. Your Colon and Intestines Will Be More Efficient

If your intestines and colon could speak and tell you what they want “to eat” every day, they would definitely say a minimum amount of impure or processed foods and a lot of fiber. If you remove sugar from your diet, you will enable your bowels and tummy to reset their abilities to process what you’ve actually consumed. The good thing is that you can also go to the bathroom regularly and more often.
That means everything is simply going back to a normal routine.

4. One You Quit Eating Sugar You’ll Soon Stop Wanting It

It’s a fact! After you get rid the sugar from your diet or food regimen, step by step you’ll begin to lose the desire to eat sugary things. Fruits will taste sweet enough, and if you take a bite of a pie or cake, you’ll be in fact shocked at how overly sweet and overpowering it seems.

5. Your Skin Will Have Healthier Look

Maybe you have noticed that you can’t crack the case on why your acne simply appears and disappears despite all those expensive ointments or creams you’re constantly using? Maybe the sugar is guilty and is giving harmful effects to your skin.
Many people say that their skin doesn’t have acne and looks healthier after they stop eating sugar.

Are You Ready to Start the Sugar Detox? Can You Quit Eating Sugar for Life?


If you have been a sugar-holic for long period of time, it is not a good idea to quit consuming it immediately. You will give strong shock to your organism. The faster you begin to cut down slowly, the faster you’ll start to feel better and see all the advantages of being sugar-free.
The World Health Organization says that the sugar recommendation should be no more than 5% of the daily . But we have a lot of work to do in this field having in mind that the average American every day consumes close to 5 grams.

Start by evaluating everything you’re drinking and eating. If you are addicted or you simply adore those sugary coffee drinks from coffeehouses, pay attention on how many times you actually drink them. Scale back slowly. By the time, start to avoid too much sugary products. You will soon adjust and accept your new habits.

Remember: It takes around 3 weeks before a new way of doing something becomes a comfortable routine. Keep going ahead and don’t quit.
You will definitely notice the results.



Source: RealFarmacy

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