Here is the Greatest Healthy Coffee Alternative! Do Not Look Any Further!

Are you looking for a healthy coffee alternative? This comforting and warm beverage offers a boost of natural energy. There is no negative effect of coffee or other coffee alternatives. Only one cup of Guyausa has the same level of caffeine as in one cup of coffee, twice that of a cup of tea.

Guayusa is a tree leaf which originates from the Ecuadorean Amazon. Similar to our own morning rituals which consist of waking up with a nice cup of coffee or hot beverage, people traditionally prepared Guyausa every morning before sunrise. Indigenous families would sit around the fire enjoying Guyausa all together. They would talking and sharing interesting myths and stories.

Healthy Coffee Alternative

The indigenous women say that this beverage has enormous benefits:

  • relieves symptoms of menopause,
  • helps the liver and the stomach,
  • reduces and soothes various pains and aches,
  • strengthening and offering balance to pregnant women.

Spiritually, elderly people say Guyausa helps to remember dreams and connect on a deeper level to the natural world. Guayusa can induce lucid dreaming and people know it as the “watchman’s plant”. In order to grow, this coffee alternative plant actually needs a diverse and special ecological habitat.

People don’t consider the Guayusa as a tea. But the process is to dry and steep the leaves in hot water. The leaves come from the caffeinated Amazonian holly tree (liex guayusa). Guayusa does not contain the compound tannins found in tea. That means the flavor is not bitter or astringent. The beverage is tasty, it has fruity flavor and a nice creamy texture. Guayusa is nearly impossible to over-brew and you can simply re-steep the leaves few times before their flavor begins to wane.

It not only tastes good, but it has a lot of health benefits that range from mental to physical.

This delicious beverage “possesses” twice the antioxidant benefits that we can find in tea. That means it has twice anti-aging, free-radical fighting and cancer fighting benefits.


This Healthy Coffee Alternative – Guayusa, also contains:

Theobromine which is a compound that we can find  in raw chocolate. It reduces blood pressure and  inflammation while acting as a diuretic.

Flavanoids, Plyphenois and Saponins are phyto-chemicals. They have cancer fighting benefits. They are potent antioxidants that stimulate the immune system  while reducing inflammation.

L-Theanine  is an amino acid that produces dopamine. It is a hormone responsible for producing a feeling of well-being. L-theanine calms our mind and increases alertness. It can increase focus, improve learning ability and memory.

It also contains: magnesium, potassium, calcium chromiumzinc,  and vitamins C and D.

You can find this amazing coffee replacement online or at the nearest health food store.


Source: RealFarmacy

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