Goji Berries – Declared as “Super Food” full of Nutrients

Little Goji berries are one of the most powerful herbs in the world and on first place in the American scale – ORAC.  It measures the antioxidant properties of food.

Goji berry (lat. Lycium barbarum) is woody plant species that looks like bush, which gives a very tasty and high-healing fruit. Himalayas is the place where they grow and where for centuries these small berries were used not only as food but also as a natural remedy. They call it “happy berry” or “red diamond”.

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Medical researchers in 21st century confirmed its beneficial effect on our health. That’s why it comes so popular between people.

Goji berry has a long tradition in the herbal medicine in many Asian countries, including China. In America this fruit attracted our attention in recent years because it has huge and positive impact on our health . It is known fighter against chronic diseases, including cancer. That’s why we call it “super food”. It is on first place on the American ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity scale). This scale measures the antioxidant characteristics of the food. As higher position on this scale takes, the food has a greater capacity to destroy all free radicals that disrupt our health, cause chronic diseases and accelerate the aging process.

Goji berries are rich in antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids!

They contain:

  • Extremely high levels of vitamin C, iron, and other nutrients
  • 18 amino acids (8 of which are essential)
  • 21 minerals, including anticancer germanium,
  • More than integral wheat protein (13%)
  • More vitamin C than oranges,
  • Complex B vitamins necessary for converting the food that we consume into energy
  • Vitamin E (rarely found in fruits, mainly in seeds and grains)
  • Ciperon that a beneficial effect on heart rate, blood pressure and relieves menstrual symptoms,
  • Solavetivone, powerful antifungal and antibacterial compound,
  • Fizalin, an active ingredient that protects against leukemia and hepatitis B,
  • Betaine compound that the liver uses for production of choline, which “regulates” anxiety. Improves memory and protects against fatty liver. Also reduces the risk of heart attack and protects the DNA.
  • A complete spectrum of antioxidants – carotenoids, including beta carotene (a better source than carrots) and zeaksntin (protects the eyes). This makes Goji berries richest source of beta-carotene of all known foods.
  • Beta-sitosterol, anti-inflammatory agent. Beta-sitosterol is also used to lower cholesterol in the blood, to treat impotence and benign enlarged prostate (BPH).
  • Essential fatty acids, which are needed to maintain production of hormones for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

How Goji berries influence on our health?

Because of the abundance of nutrients, this magical berry has really broad spectrum of activity:

  • boost our immune system,
  • slow down the process of getting old,
  • preventing the occurrence of leukemia and other cancers,
  • prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels,
  • regulate the function of the urinary tract,
  • give strength and energy,
  • have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties,
  • improve fertility in women
  • vision improvement
  • improve blood circulation throughout the body,
  • protect against the occurrence of diabetes,
  • increase elasticity and skin moisture,
  • improve the quality of sperm.

dried Goji berries

So, if we want to enjoy in all positive effects and benefits that these magical berries can give us, all we need is to consume 10-30 g Goji berries a day. If you can’t find fresh Goji berries, we recommend Goji juice or dried Goji berries.


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