Genetically Engineered Pork from a Farm! Watch the Raw Video

Can you believe that there is Genetically Engineered Pork Meat? PETA is animal rights group which has come out and strongly condemned a cruel technique involving genetically modified pigs. They call this technique the “stuff of nightmares.”

People were outraged to see the leaked footage that emerged exposing a Cambodian farming company–called “Duroc Cambodia”—of breeding pigs to have abnormally large muscles.

Genetically Engineered Pork

The company also “offers artificial insemination kits available for just £5.”

According to

“These ‘double-muscled’ pigs are made by editing or disrupting a single gene. It is in fact a change that is less dramatic than those made in conventional genetic modification. Genes from one species and they are actually transplanted into another.


“As a result, their creators hope that regulators will take a lenient stance towards the pigs. They also say that the breed could be among the first genetically engineered animals to be approved for human consumption.”


Not only is this practice a vile abomination, but it also represents a major health concern because “anywhere in the world, no genetically modified animal has ever been approved for human consumption.”

About the Genetically Engineered Pork, PETA also stated:


“Hulk-like pigs are not meals but the stuff of nightmares. Those animals that are genetically engineered can be also born with painful health issues.

“Pigs suffer even without this ‘Frankenscience’. On typical pig farms, their tails are cut off, their sensitive teeth are ground down, and the males are castrated, all without so much as an aspirin. 

“Then, even though we have a wealth of nutritious plant-based foods to eat, these playful, intelligent, sociable animals’ throats are slit and their bodies are turned into sausages or pork chops.”

The intention of creating the hybrids was to increase the farmers’ profits.

The boars’ muscles were so large that they could no longer walk correctly and were kept in tiny cages, with no room to move:

pigs room

The present Duroc Cambodia farm was also offering prosthetic pig penises and semen to artificially induce a sow. Their purpose is to inspire customers who want to breed their own Hulk-pigs for profit.

WATCH the following video: Muscle Mutated Pigs:


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