Forget about diet drinks and make yourself fresh juice or simply drink water! False sugars that diet drinks contain can increase your appetite for food! False sugars maybe don’t make fat but they make something worse than that!

Most people in order to avoid sugar make decision to drink diet beverage. Or they simply put artificial sweeteners in their coffee. But all of us is making wrong decision because artificial sugar is maybe even worst then the natural one.

Latest researches showed that all artificial sweeteners actually make us feel hungry. They also increase our appetite for more food. One study conducted in Australia showed that artificial sweeteners have influence on our brain, on how we actually “realize” the hunger and how our receptors feel different tastes.

To make this conclusion, scientist first made testing on insects. They actually feed them with food full of sweeteners. They noticed that insects “put in” 30% more calories comparing to normal food. Then they repeated this experiment on lab rats. These small animals “insert” 50% more calories! Scientists explain this “phenomena” due to increased level of energy. The energy level and the sweet taste are related to the so called center of rewards in our brain. When these two things don’t comply, our brain must adjust. That’s why your brain says that you are hungry even if you have already eaten enough (or more than enough!).
So next time when you decide to order diet beverage or to drink your favorite coffee with added artificial sweetener, remember that after a while you will feel hungry again.

artificial sweeteners


Due to Diet Drinks, your organism will simply “ask” you to eat something more.

Do not make effort eating hamburger with diet coke! It simply doesn’t make sense. It is hundred times better to order small bottle of water or natural orange juice or even one small can of beer.
If you like drinking coke for example, select normal one and not diet coke! If you chose diet drink, you will enter in that magical circle where only thing you will do is “entering” more and more empty calories.


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