Are Flip-Flops Really Safe to Wear? Here is a Warning from Doctors

Flip-flops maybe seem like the ideal all summer footwear. But did you know that they can actually make a lot of risks to your general health? Some researchers and experts are even considering them as the most dangerous footwear.


Why flip-flops are so bad?

Well simply because they exposure your feet to unnatural stress.

The director of the APMA – American Podiatric Medical Association, Jim Christina said “Flip-flops let your foot be as flat as they can be. If you have a foot that actually tends to over-flatten, then this is not the best choice at all.”


This leads to a lot of health conditions, including the über-painful plantar fasciitis. That is in fact inflammation of tissue on the bottom of the feet.

Flip-flops, like the name says by itself, are floppy. Our toes have to work really hard to keep them on our feet. Over time this can lead to hammertoe. It’s a condition where the knuckles of the toes arch unnaturally upwards.

All these risks that we mention now come from a simple flip-flops wearing. And we haven’t even gotten into what happens when we stumble. And you will definitely stumble. It’s inevitable part of the flip-flop code.

When you stumble, your skimpy footwear will provide absolutely no help. There is no coverage against sharp rocks and no ankle protection.

You might think your flip-flops keep your feet all fresh, breezy and free of any potentially-dangerous bacteria.

That’s not true.

What The New York Times in fact do, was taking flip-flops from two of their reporters and sent them off to a lab. What did they find? Bacteria that can be deadly. The foam was harboring Staphylococcus aureus. Plus, on the flip-flops there were 18,100 other harmful bacteria.

flip-flops bacteria

Yes, once the hot weather is coming, your feet will be surely exposed to the same bacteria. But most of us take a clean, comfortable and good shower. After a day at the beach, we wash our feet thoroughly.

When’s the last time that you can remember giving your flip-flops a good scrubbing?

Walking barefoot is also a solution for the foot support problem. Just think about it a little. The purpose of our feet is to support naturally our body’s weight. Maybe most of humans see shoes as a luxury so barefoot was actually the only way most people used before.

Here, in the following video you can watch all mental and physical benefits of walking barefoot.


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