Flabby Arms? Here are Simple Exercises How to Get Rid of Them!

Most women are concerned of their look, weight but having flabby arms as well. Not only they make us look fat and uncertain but can also influence a lot to our self- confidence. As we grow older, our metabolism levels drop leading to accumulation of fats on the waist and arms.

Lack of any physical exercises and eating junk food can also lead to slowly accumulation of fats on our arms. If we want to get rid of the flab we usually go in gym and we make effort. However many of us may not be able to take out time to go to the gym. An answer to this can be easy exercises at home. They will help you in cutting down the fat.

All you need is desire to do that and a pair of good quality dumbbells around 3 pounds each. If you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder,  do not go for heavy dumbbells.

Flabby Arms



  1. Standing V Raise

Stand with your feet a little apart. Hold the Dumbbells in both your hands each resting near the hip. Slowly raise your hands in level of your shoulders and bring them back. Do 3 repeats of 10.

  1. Shoulder Press

Hold the dumbbells and raise your arms parallel to your head. Bend your knees a little, and lift your hands straight upwards over your head and back to side of your head. Breathe in while lifting and breathe out while getting down. Do these 2 sets of 15.

  1. Kickbacks – No Flabby Arms

Bend your knees and lunge a little forward. Place your hands near your hips and get your arms to move backwards. Hold the weights as you were doing for the earlier exercises. Do these 2 sets of 10.

  1. Triceps Extension

You might want to get heavier weights for these. Use a 7-10 pound single dumbbell. Stand with your feet a little apart. Hold the weight above your head and bring it down slowly behind your head. Do these 2 sets of 10.

  1. In and Out Curls

Use the lighter 3 pound weights for this. Hold the weights with your palms facing in forward direction near your hips. Slowly raise your hands till they reach your chest and while getting your hands down let the arms move out towards the sides. Do 20 of these in 2 sets.

  1. Inside Curls – Exercise against Flabby Arms

Use one weight and one hand at a time. The important is to keep the feet apart and bend your knees a little. Hold the weight in such a way that your fist is facing sideways. Raise your hand from the hip to the chest so that the biceps get worked on. Do 10 on each sides.

  1. Reverse Flys

Pick up both the weights in your hands. Bend down a little. Place your arms wide towards your sides and slowly get them back near your knees. While bending please maintain a 90 degree position to get the exercise right. Do 10 of these in 2 sets.

  1. Dips

Place yourself on the ground with your legs folded and your upper body supported by your hands. Do not let your bum touch the ground. Raise your back up from the ground and try to go as low as possible without touching the ground. Do 10 of this in one set.

  1. Push Ups

Lie on your stomach. Place your hands on the ground not very far apart. Raise your lower body with only the toes touching the ground. Raise your body with the help of your arms and bring it back close to the ground. Again you should not be touching the ground. Do this for 10 in 3 sets.

  1. Reverse Curls

Hold the weights in your hand with your palms facing downwards. Raise your arms slowly at a 90 degree towards your chest. Do this for 3 sets of 10.

Apart from these exercises against flabby arms, be sure to cut down on junk and oily food. Try and eat vegetables and fruits that will help you in getting rid of the fats. Drink loads of water and eat at regular intervals. This will help you to maintain your healthy body weight and also discourage fat accumulation in the arms and other areas of your body.


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