Pour figs with olive oil: natural remedy which will literally reborn you!

Read about this simple natural remedy made of figs. It will make you feel like reborn!

It is extremely useful fruit! Fresh or dried, their consumption may represent luxury for some people because it is not available for everyone.

There is in fact simple and great recipe with dried figs which will literally make you feel like reborn and will give you energy. Here are all benefits of regular consumption of figs:

dried figs in a pot

  • Helps in regulation of gastrointestinal tract;
  • High concentration of fiber in figs actually helps in weight loss and cleaning the organism from toxins;
  • It is fruit rich in calcium which is easy for absorption. That’s why they are irreplaceable for people who are lactose intolerant;
  • Potassium, which is highly present in this fruit, actually strengthen our heart;
  • They contain big quantity of antioxidants. That’s why they improve our immunity system and our general health;
  • Improves our general health condition of the skin and makes our face skin very bright and shine;
  • We consider to be great cure for insomnia and morning sicknesses.

How to make natural remedy of figs?

Pour figs with olive oil

Ingredients: All you need is 40 dried figs and little olive oil


First, put figs in a jar and pour with olive oil. Then, cover the jar and leave it in fridge for 40 days.

After that you can consume this natural remedy.

How to consume it?
If you take 1 fig in olive oil on empty stomach, it will help actually you improve your general health. We recommend a consumption of this remedy particularly in spring, in the most difficult period of vitamin deficiency. It’s in fact a period of the year when the weather is changing and we feel like we need more energy!

It’s simple! Keep this remedy in any case and as soon as you want to be “reborn” again, take one fig and enjoy in its flavor!


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