The Eye Color Reveals The Main Features About You!

When you meet someone for first time, what do you first notice? Almost everyone says the eye color. This feature is on the top of the list for a lot of men and women.  Our eyes can reveal a lot of things about our personality, character and who we really are. Do you agree? What do our eyes tell about us?


The eye color reveals the following:

  1. If the Eye Color is Dark Brown …

dark brown eye

You are actually quite sensitive even though you want people to think that you’re tough person. Deeply you care a lot about others and you simply don’t mind making sacrifices in order to make other people happy. You’re compassionate, confident and kind person.


  1. Light Brown Eyes

light brown eye

You are in love with sleep! You are not a morning person. Often you get your feelings hurt and you are sensitive person. After a long day crawling into the bed is always the best solution. It helps you find balance with your emotions. Your friends know they can relay on you and count on you because you are very loyal.

  1. Blue Eyes

blue eye close up

You keep negative energy out of your life because you don’t want to get upset. Other people simply enjoy spending time with you thanks to your bubbly personality and positivity. Once in a while the ego plays its role and tends to get a little inflated. But in short time you bring yourself back down to earth.

  1. Wonderful Green Eyes

green eye close up

You hide your true emotions and feelings from others. This characteristic makes you seem mysterious. Others find you to be reliable and trustworthy. Your curiosity makes you exploring the world around you. Others see you as genuine because you are compassionate.


  1. Eye Color: Hazel Eyes

hazel eye close up

You simply love adventure because you have a spontaneous spirit! You always want to try something new and discover. That’s why you’re independent. Others simply admire the fact that you don’t let society’s standards or rules keep you from being happy.  You don’t let fear disappoint you or hold you back from experiencing new things. You keep the spirit and live in the moment .


  1. Grey Eyes

grey eye close up

You are confident person. You know what you want out of life and who you really are. , Working hard to achieve the goal is your main characteristic. The most important thing is that you are not afraid of doing it.  People with gray eyes are very balanced and rational. You are not mad when you let loose. The main goal is always to have fun with your friends.


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